Chamunda Devi Temple, Jodhpur

The famous Chamunda Devi Temple is located on the top of the Mehrangarh Fort that’s positioned on the south of the town of Jodhpur. The blue metropolis of Jodhpur is world famend for its palaces, forts, temples and citadels.

Chamunda Devi is one of the fearsome factor of the ‘Devi’ or you can say one of the ‘Roops’ of Devi Maa. The temple become built through Rao Jodha (1416-1489) one of the maximum famous rulers of Mandore who reigned over the vicinity from 1427-1489 AD. He is also credited because the founding father of Jodhagarh that is nowadays known as Jodhpur. 

Traveller Tips

  • Don’t forget about to take your digital camera with you because the temple gives a few fascinating herbal scenery and breath-taking views of the Blue City I.E. 
  • Fee for taking a nonetheless digital camera to shoot pics is Rs.A hundred.
  • Don’t pass over the opposite sights of the temple. The location of worship offers a few interesting perspectives and the solemnness facilitates for the peace of thoughts.
  • Wear cozy footwear as you need to go through an extended stroll to visit the temple.
  • Don’t overlook to go to the Kalika Devi Statue in the Temple.
  • You Can hire Cab Service in Jodhpur for Jodhpur Trip.

Things to Do

  • An additional vicinity for tour if you are journeying Mehrangarh Fort.
  • The pleasant time to go to the temple is throughout dawn.
  • Due to its location, it offers some stunning perspectives of the metropolis. Have a observe Umaid Bhawan Palace and the citadels of Mehrangarh Fort.
  • The trek to Chamunda Mata Temple is exhilarating in addition to clean.

Availability of Guides

It’s authentic that a very good guide can make all of the distinction and it’s the equal whilst you are travelling Mehrangarh Fort and Chamunda Mata Temple. English as well as Hindi speaking courses are available and you may avail their offerings when you are shopping for your access tickets. The value of a manual is divided into exceptional slabs which depends on the scale of the group. Example: For a collection of 1-4 individuals, the manual will fee a sum of Rs.2 hundred/-.

Best Time to Visit

As the metropolis of Jodhpur is quite a great deal close to to the Thar Desert, it’s far quality to visit the Chamunda Mata Temple in the course of winter particularly among the months of October and March.

How to Reach

If you could walk, then take the station street as then the space is cut to a trifling 2.6 kilometres. It is likewise now not truly a ways from the railway station and is just 6 kilometres away. If you’ve got flied in, then we’d advocate you to take the route which goes via National Highway 62 as the Chamunda Mata Temple is then approximately 7 kilometres away from the airport. Other modes of transport which include non-public Taxi service in Jodhpur and car-rickshaws are also available.

Interesting Facts
  • The temple is located on the top of Mehrangarh Fort.
  • King Rao Jodha was also known through the name ‘Jodha of Mandore’.
  • To nowadays Chamunda Devi is still worshipped with the aid of the Royal Family.
  • Not simply the ‘Blue City’, Jodhpur is also acknowledged by using the name of ‘the Sun City’.

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