How to improve your posture while working from home

Working remotely is the new working from the office! While this situation offers great flexibility you might end up working a lot of hours since there is not an actual closing hour or end.

Work life balance when working remote is one of the biggest issues that might happen and the consequences might be very serious both in the posture of your body. Of course there are other long term issues as well such as problems with your stomach mainly due to not having a healthy diet (since most of the remote workers might just order food to quickly eat).

How can you relief the bad posture and neck pain?

There are several solutions and tools that you can use to improve your posture, relax and heal your pain in the neck and in the back. One of the most used solutions for pain relief are the neck hammocks that can help you

Are there any tips while working from home?

There are several tips to help you improve your posture and relief the pain from your neck and your back. Below we are sharing some of the most important ones:

  • Create an office with a good chair (we know it is expensive but it is an investment that will pay you back in the long run)
  • Take 5 minute breaks every 1 hour of work an do active stretching. This will help you activate your body and also keep your flexibility
  • Drink a lot of water. Well, this might sound a bit not relevant here, but it is super important for various reasons. Firstly it can give you a reason of taking breaks to refill your water and go to the kitchen and secondly it activates and refreshes your body while it helps you to not gain a lot of wait (while keeps you a bit fed up eliminating the need of having to constantly eat snacks and food that might give you additional weight)
  • Setup the height of your chair in a proper way to help you keep your back to a correct posture and position.
  • Finally ensure that you have a good pillow in the back of your chair (there are specific ones that you can use to keep your back straight)

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