AdvancedMD vs Celerity: Up and Coming EMR Trends for 2023! 

There are several options for healthcare practitioners seeking tools to manage clinical tasks. Both AdvancedMD EHR and Celerity offer solid solutions. They can help you manage income, insurance, and patient scheduling. Furthermore, providing patient data simplifies the delivery of precise therapy. You may compress the findings of medical research by presenting them. This post will contrast the critical features of AdvancedMD EHR vs Celerity EHR. It will also go over their prices so you can decide which one to go with. 

AdvancedMD is a mobile-first cloud-based suite designed for medical offices. It is adaptable enough to fit into the majority of clinical procedures. It is used to plan appointments in various healthcare facilities. This program also allows doctors to track patient data. You may automate billing and management, track patient health, and provide virtual therapy. Clinics may tailor it to their own needs, offering doctors an easy-to-use interface. Clinics may increase their income without lowering the quality of care they provide. 

Celerity’s CAM is a customizable, web-based EMR software that works in tandem with practices. CAM satisfies the accreditation standards of JCAHO, CARF, and several other organizations. It allows doctors to focus on their patients rather than their paperwork. With over 5,000 daily clients around the country, it is one of the most respected providers of EMR solutions. It mainly supports behavioral health. 

AdvancedMD EHR Software:

Let’s discuss the AdvancedMD features that make it stand out: 

AdvancedMD EHR Features:

Scheduling Tool:

AdvancedMD scheduling expedites appointment procedures. Your front desk staff can focus on checking patients in and collecting copays. It also aids with administrative work. You have more essential things to do than looking at calendars. 


“HealthWatcher” sends out auto-alerts and recommends individualized healthcare strategies. It also helps people remember to take their medications. Its interoperable platform enables it to track and trend the patient population’s health. It also enables the creation of tailored healthcare plans to treat specific illnesses. Specific variables are provided, such as age, gender, test results, and diagnosis. 

Patient Cards:

Patient cards are a growing library of clinical summaries tailored to each physician in your practice. They make charting features more accessible for physicians. Clinical data is chronologically organized and kept in a summary form. That makes it a very quick approach to getting what you need. Clinical components are specific to each physician in your practice. It allows you to select only the cards that are most relevant to you. Arrange your cards any way you wish in your workstation. 

AdvancedMD Pricing:

AdvancedMD offers a variety of pricing choices. However, their profile does not provide any pricing information. AdvancedMD software cost is decided by the size of your practice and is customized by the sales team. 

AdvancedMD Demo: 

A live demo of AdvancedMD software can help you learn more about its features and capabilities. Contact the AdvancedMD support team to schedule a demo at a time that is convenient for you. 

AdvancedMD Reviews:

Users appreciate how “it can be adapted and tailored to the practice.” 

Practitioners also like the fact that they “could communicate with one another.” 

AdvancedMD is an expensive system, according to some practitioners. 

CAM by Celerity EHR Software: 

Here are the Celerity features that are worth your investment: 

Celerity EHR Features:

Customizable Templates:

Celerity EHR software has pre-built rules allowing practitioners to control service constraints completely. It alerts employees about planned services outside of the permissible limits. It also alerts them when claims about submitted oversubscriptions. IOP (intense outpatient program) operations are charged when meeting the least time requirements. 

Note Taking: 

This CAM EMR software allows you to record group notes on a single screen. Individual patient accounts are assigned to notes, making it easier for healthcare practitioners. To ensure accurate compliance, automatic auditing technologies are utilized to examine notes. Notes are kept in a HIPAA-compliant system to maintain patient data security. 

Lab Integration: 

Its lab integration boosts operational efficiency by simplification and automation processes. It reduces the need for manual data administration. Practitioners can connect with various laboratories to have immediate access to test findings. 

Golden Thread: 

The system connects identified problems and goals from progress notes. It also provides treatment plans while analyzing treatment options. The Golden Thread begins with a clinical issue being identified during an admission screening. It also refers to the associated diagnosis.  

The treatment plan should then include a defined set of goals for supporting the client. Golden Thread EMR gives data for resolving the identified problem. Physicians can access best practice recommendations for treatments. 

Celerity Pricing:  

The seller does not price celery EMR on the official website. The size of your practice and the number of users determines the cost of Celerity EMR. Contact the Celerity sales team for more information on a tailored quote. 

Celerity Demo: 

Viewing a live demo of Celerity EMR will offer you further information about this EMR. Contact their support staff to organize a Celerity EMR demo. 

Celerity Reviews: 

Based on Celerity reviews, it is a “customizable system for practice management.” 

Celerity offers customizable reporting tools for analyzing data. 

Users also think that it is “straightforward to add and edit information.” 

Sometimes Celerity’s system lags. 

Final Remarks:

AdvancedMD is a straightforward cloud-based application. Several medical institutions include individual practices, mental health, and physical treatment. This software offers tools that are suitable for all. Labs and even billing service providers use AdvancedMD software solutions. 

With its simple user interface, Celerity software supports healthcare institutions. It stands out, according to client comments, since it is affordable. Celerity offers a limited set of integration options. Besides, out-of-date features and tools usually render people ineffective. 

Finally, AdvancedMD and Celerity are clinical tools that can be integrated into your practice. If you are unsure which of the two to select, you should view their respective demos. When choosing an EMR, one should keep in mind the requirements of their clinic so that they integrate with a suitable system. 

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