I Can’t Connect WiFi Extender to Router. Why?

So, you are getting issues while connecting your WiFi devices? Have you ever thought about the reason (s) causing it? Well, there can be a number of reasons why you are unable to “connect WiFi extender to router”. Be it:

  • Bad placement of the extender and router
  • Unable connection between them (router and extender)
  • Your router and the extender are placed at a distance, and so on.

But, as you are on this post, you don’t have to worry about such small issues because over here, we have jotted down a number of fixes to overcome the issue in discussion.

So, without further ado, let’s start over!

Note: For your better understanding, we are taking “Linksys” as an example here. So, don’t get confused if you have any other WiFi extender brand instead of Linksys. This particular piece of writing will work on troubleshooting issues, including the one you are currently facing for all models of the extender. Read on!

Fix Can’t Connect WiFi Extender to Router

Fix 1: Reboot Your WiFi Extender

Technical glitches are the topmost causes behind giving numerous issues to the users, apart from the one in the discussion. For fixing any sort of technical issues with range extenders, routers, or any other networking devices, restarting/ rebooting is one of the best remedies.
To execute the process, here are the instructions to be implemented by you as it is:

  • Turn off your WiFi range extender and router
  • Wait for 10 minutes
  • Turn the devices back on now

We suggest you turn on your internet router first, and then your WiFi range extender

Now, try making a connection between them! We really hope that after implementing this fix, you will not face issues while connecting your devices anymore.

Fix 2: Make a Fair Router-Extender Connection

On the off chance, the issue hasn’t left your back, then possibilities are – you have not connected the devices (router and extender) correctly. No worries! Just ensure a stable yet good connection between them.

Ethernet connection: If you have used a wire/ Ethernet cable for making a router-extender connection, ensure that:

  • The cable is in working condition
  • And, it is inserted tightly/ firmly into one of the Ethernet/ internet ports of your WiFi range extender and router.

Wireless connection: But, if you want to connect WiFi extender and router in a wireless manner, then your internet connection must be speedy and your devices must be placed in close proximity.

Fix 3: Place the Devices Closer

As we have mentioned this in our previous fix that for making a wireless connection and to connect the devices (router and extender) in a hassle-free manner, they (your devices) must be placed pretty close. Excessive distance between them may not allow you to:

  • Connect them
  • Get access to continuous yet super-speedy WiFi, and more.

Anticipating that you are now able to connect the WiFi extender and router using the fixes listed above. If yes, then you can configure the extender (if not configured) by following the instructions provided on your device’s setup page. For instance, if you have an extender of “Linksys”, then its setup page will be displayed as “Linksys extender setup.”


Linksys extender users can click on the highlighted term above for step-by-step instructions to perform the setup process in a hassle-free manner.
Apart from this, we suggest our users to update the / software of their WiFi devices on a regular basis. Doing so will ensure a smooth working of the device without giving technical or other external/ internal issues.

This is a universal fix that you can apply to improve the internet connectivity and WiFi performance of any device you own.

Thus, you have reached the end of this article! Can we hope that the fixes you have found in this particular piece of writing have helped you connect the WiFi extender and router?

Thank you for staying connected and wishing you happy and issue-free experience with your WiFi extender and router.

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