How to Take Better Photos With a Mobile Phone?

Before the era of mobile phones, back in the days of film photography, if you remember correctly, the process of getting from taking a photo to the result was a bit more complex than it is today. Not only did you have to have a camera but you also had to be careful not to make mistakes because the film had a limited number of photos. 

Not to mention the development in baths of several days to finally visualize the result. At present, with the possibility of taking pictures with a mobile, everything is much simpler and you can immediately see the result.

But there is no need to go back to the days of analogue photography either, even today the trend is to take pictures with mobile before using your camera. Not only can you take pictures with your cell phone but you can also retouch them in the device using its built-in apps or others to download. But just being able to take pictures with a mobile doesn’t automatically make you a good photographer. Hence these few tips are given below, to improve your shots with your smartphone.

How to improve your photos and videos with your mobile?

Pick the topic that catches your eye the most

When you know that you can take a large number of photos with your smartphone, you tend to photograph anything and everything without focusing on a specific subject. When you first start out, you may not be sure which type of photo motivates you the most. 

The ideal would be to do tests until you find the discipline you prefer and get started. If it ‘s landscape photography, you can specialize in this practice. If it is the portrait, then immerse yourself in this discipline. The more time you spend practising the technique, the more you will perfect it.

You also need to think about what you are going to photograph, before setting off all the way. Think about whether what you’re going to capture is worth it, think about the setting. If you just pull out your phone and shoot yourself without thinking, it will be hard to move forward.

Select the focus area

Mobile cameras normally focus automatically on the background of the image. But you certainly don’t want to focus on that part of the image in all of your photos. To focus where you want with your mobile, you just have to touch the area of ​​its screen where you want the image to be sharp. The focus icon that usually appears on the screen is square or circular and it will be that precise point in the image that will be in focus.

When photographing a moving object, it will be difficult to follow the subject that interests you while constantly focusing. You can touch the screen to focus just before you take the picture to make sure you are going to focus as much as possible.

Focus on a single pattern in your photos with a mobile

The best photos are often those that include only one interesting subject. So when you are about to take a photo where there will be only one important element, take the time to set up the photo properly. Some professional photographers say that the main element should not take up the whole image but only two-thirds. Why? Because in this way, the element stood out even more. But as we saw in the previous point, we must make sure to put your finger on the main element, on the screen of the mobile, for a guaranteed focus.


Exploit negative space

The negative space of a photon corresponds to the areas around the subjects and between them, on an image. By including more negative space in your photo, you will make the main element stand out, even more, causing an unusual reaction in the viewer. What kind of negative space can you use? Well the blue sky, a big wall, water, etc.

Look for different perspectives to take good photos with a mobile

Shooting from a unique and unexpected angle can make the photo even more striking. Your photos will stand out much more this way because most photos taken with mobile are taken from the same point of view. Test photos were taken from a low angle, aiming at the sky which you will use as negative space. Or take the photo at ground level.

Play with reflections

There is something magical about reflecting the sky in a puddle on the street. It is true that reflections often catch the eye. So search for them around you to include them in your photos with a mobile. You will find reflections in many places, besides on the water, on glasses, sunglasses, display cases, metal surfaces, etc. In this article, we explain how to take advantage of highlights. Techniques to be applied also in mobile photography.

Use the force lines in your photos with a mobile

You have surely already noticed a marked line on a photo, which guides the eye to a precise point of the image. These can be straight lines but also circular ones. Think of stairs, roads, a defined path, etc. Guidelines are great for creating a sense of depth in the image. And they can give your photo a professional touch, improving the composition and structure of the image.

Look for symmetry in your photos with a mobile

Symmetry can be defined as the feeling of balance and harmonious proportions in the image. Photos that have symmetry are very pleasing to the eye. It is also one of the easiest ways to compose an image. Symmetry is normally achieved by dividing the image into two equal parts, which mirror each other.

Look for repeating patterns

Like symmetry, repeating patterns are very pleasing to the eye. They are usually geometric shapes, lines or colours that are repeated several times. Patterns generally cause a strong visual impact. You can find these patterns in a lot of different places, and more common than you think, like in slabs on the ground, for example. You just need to be mindful of these repeating patterns.

Play with colors in your photos with a mobile

Using colour can help you bring out the elements in your photo that you want to get more attention. In reality, the goal is the same as when we were talking about negative space, but using colours this time. You can also use a black and white image to keep only one colour element. There are mobile applications specific to this technique.

Avoid using zoom in

When you’re shooting at a set distance and the subject is farther away than you’d expect, it’s very tempting to zoom in to get closer. But it is better to avoid it because by activating the zoom in, the image fills with grain and becomes pixelated. Instead of using the zoom, try to get physically close to the subject to be photographed instead. And if that’s not possible, you can always crop the image to get the frame you want. This way, you won’t reduce the image quality and you will have more headroom to make the crop you want.

Search for fine details in your photos with a mobile

The macro photographs that capture the small, delicate details form a very attractive visual whole. Watch out for small details that might catch your eye, like the texture of a road, peeling paint, an insect on a window, etc. The world of macro photography is very vast and you can also immerse yourself in it with your mobile phone.

Use natural light

It is difficult to find a mobile phone with a good built-in flash. Most of them indeed overexpose the image and distort the colours, which gives skin clearer than in reality, on individuals. This is why it is much better to use the natural light you have around you, even at night or in dark places. And it will also give you the opportunity to play with shadows or create silhouettes with ambient light. Hence the importance of knowing how the light works and how your mobile is treated.

If you use flash, only use it during the day

There are still times when the mobile camera flash can improve the photo quality but this is usually in daytime scenes. In places with good light, the flash can help blur some harsher shadows, behind or to the side of your main subject. When you get ready to shoot, take a good look at the background or surfaces that are likely to have shadows that you want to avoid. And that’s when you can use your phone’s flash.

Get a mobile tripod

Mobile phone accessories are specially designed for these devices, hence their compact size and lightness. Having a tripod for your mobile will be essential, not only to achieve stable images but also if you want to appear on the screen without taking the typical selfie with the arm outstretched.

Manually select camera exposure

Another feature of your mobile camera is the ability to manually change the exposure. When you touch an area of ​​the screen before taking the picture, as we have seen, not only will you focus but you will also adjust the amount of light that the camera lets through. Sometimes you don’t get the exposure you want. So when you touch the screen you will see arrows or the sun icon next to the focus icon, touch them and move your finger on the scale to get the exposure you want.

Create abstract images on your photos with a mobile

Abstract photos generally show the essence of an object or series of objects, without showing an entire landscape. They are usually unique and amazing images, created from ordinary patterns. They can be obtained by cropping part of a normal photo or by photographing elements very closely. Repeating patterns are generally ideal for abstract photography.

Look for spontaneous moments

The photos where you strike a pose are usually the ones you take to immortalize a moment. But sometimes spontaneous photos of people busy with something or chatting with each other can turn out to be much more interesting. This is because spontaneous images more effectively capture the emotions and the essence of the moment. One way to do this is to take lots of pictures. We will thus have more choice among the different immortalized moments.

Think outside the box on your photos with a mobile

Composition is a very important tool for successful photos with a mobile, but it is just as important to know how to choose the subject to be photographed. Some of the most striking or interesting photos are the result of unique ideas. Try to think differently when looking for a subject to photograph.

Make them laugh on your photos with a mobile

The most memorable images are often the ones that make us laugh or smile. We can look for this effect on surprising or unexpected images. If you can make the person in the photo laugh, you can be sure they will like them.

Clean the lens of your mobile

According to DZOFilm, your phone will be in your bag or pocket when you go out, or on any surface. At any time, the camera of your smartphone can then accumulate dirt. Try cleaning the lens before taking a picture, you may not notice the dirt on it before you edit the picture. Make sure you clean the lens well and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble down the road.


As you can see, there is not much difference between taking pictures with a mobile or with a camera when looking at aspects like exposure or light. But above all, it should be borne in mind that the speed and convenience of taking photos with mobile should not be exempt from the careful photographic technique. If you apply these tips for successful mobile photos, you will surely see an improvement in the quality of your images.

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