The History and Origins of House Music from Where & How it Started?

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Origins of House Music 
  3. Popular House Subgenres
  4. Significant Figures in House Music
  5. Conclusion 


House music is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the mid-1980s in Chicago. It is one of the earliest electronic music genres and has been influential in developing other dance music genres. The genre has since spread globally and evolved to include a wide variety of sounds, which makes the definition of house music complex. This article aims to provide an overview of house music’s history, origins and various subgenres.

Origins of House Music

House music originated in Chicago in the mid-1980s. It was primarily influenced by the DJs and producers from New York’s underground. The genre draws heavily from disco and post-disco, incorporating soul, funk, and underground club culture elements. One of the first and most influential house songs is “On and On” by Jesse Saunders. This synthesized disco track was released in 1984 and was instrumental in popularizing the genre.

Some of the most influential DJs and producers of the early house music era include Frankie Knuckles, Maurice Joshua and Marshall Jefferson. Knuckles helped popularize the use of drum machines and samplers to shape and create the house music sound as Fakaza music. His best-known track, “Your Love”, was released in 1987 and helped define the Chicago house sound.

Popular House Subgenres

Most forms of house music can be broken down into three distinct subgenres: deep house, techno house, and acid house. Deep house is a slower, more soulful type of house music. It mainly uses samples and repetitive beats and often focuses on the melodic aspects of the music. Techno house brings together elements of deep house and techno music. It employs heavy basslines and synthesizers, re-sampling, and sound manipulation. Lastly, the acid house is a subgenre that was created in the late 1980s and is characterized by its use of a Roland TB-303 synthesizer and a heavy acid-inspired bassline. 

Significant Figures in House Music

House music has many notable figures who helped shape the genre. Aside from Frankie Knuckles, producers such as Marshall Jefferson, Lil Louis, and Terry Hunter were pivotal in developing the genre as Asibe happy Fakaza . Also, DJs such as Ron Hardy, Derrick Carter and Paul Johnson were influential in popularizing house music in clubs.


House music is one of the earliest forms of electronic dance music, and its influence can be seen in many different genres today. Since its inception in the mid-1980s, the genre has spread globally and evolved to encompass many different subgenres. The history of house music is rich and complex, and many different DJs and producers have helped shape the genre.

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