What Are The Popular Granite Varieties In India?

Granite is one of the most popular choices among people. In India, there are different granite types available, and you can easily find quality granite colours & styles based on your needs.  Are you searching for the best spot to get an appealing range of granite varieties in India? You are in the perfect location. Presently, most organizations likewise invest heavily in offering great Indian granite in various categories. 

Nearly everybody knows the magnificence and class behind the famous buildings because it is one of the marvels that impeccably outlines the excellence of granite to the date. Granite is affordable, durable, and intense. At the same time, these are beautiful. India is one of the largest stone exporters globally and exports about 80 to 85% of local granite worldwide. 

What Is Indian Granite? 

 We know that granite is renowned due to its everlasting polish, colour, style, and elegance. Simultaneously, this additionally shows the excellent regular mix of stones. Nonetheless, granite stones have situated themselves to give the top-class rocks of India. Because of the exceptional characteristics, many people love to utilize granite varieties in India, so that significant producers offer granite in various classifications.

  • Blue granite –lavender blue, Vizag blue
  • Brown granite –Paradiso, tan brown, desert brown
  • Pink granite –chima pink
  • Red granite –red multicolor
  • Yellow granite –nosra yellow
  • Black granite –black galaxy
  • White granite –Alaska white, moon white, Kashmir white,
  • Beige granite – ivory brown, Madura gold
  • Green granite – Hassan green, kuppam green

Why do people like granite?

There are various assortments of granites that arrive in a good blend of dark and white tones. We realize that granite comes in eye-getting conceals, including yellow, red, gold, dark, pink, white, and so on. Typically, the makers give great granite to better places like kitchen sections, ledges, floors, dividers, etc. 

These are the most well-known granite varieties in India. In any case, there are some one-of-a-kind shading choices accessible, so attempt to find and investigate the tip-top assortment of Indian granites to bring your fantasy into the real world. 

If you want to carry polish to your home or residing region, you should track down a staggering range of granite from various choices. The mix of granite won’t ever frustrate you, so attempt to track down an unprecedented scope of granite for your living space. 

Premium quality Indian granite: 

Homes or any region with granite floors are also making a unique look while this likewise offers a special effect. Indian granite stones are profoundly liked by residents overall since it is entirely reasonable for floors and dividers. 

Additionally, it is excellent for stages. In general, granite stones have become renowned in furniture pieces that incorporate eating tables. Above all, granite will amplify the space with a selective appearance. 

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At this point, many individuals are searching for superb granite for making changes in their home or any district since they are the ideal stones that suit different works. In particular, the specialists offer in-house to design and foster groups open for home changes.

 A lot of choices are available for the kitchen and various spots.  Presently makers can furnish a comprehensive level of granite with various staggering mixes. You will get innovative granite through to standard equivalently as granite stone. These are open in different approaches.

The popular granite resources are 

  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Orissa
  • Jharkhand
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Andhra Pradesh, etc

 Even we also divide granite into two categories,

  • Northern granite
  • Southern granite

 The top 5 granite stone color shades and their name in India:-

  • Absolute black granite:

It is the absolute black granite, and it is most used and preferred by homeowners,  even it is also popular among contractors & designers. Most importantly, this kind of granite is recommended for kitchen countertops because it is perfect for rough & tough use. At the same time, this also gives your kitchen an elegant look.  Overall absolute granite is mined from south India.

Don’t waste your money and time, and you should pick the leading producer of Indian granite Stones to get top-notch granite in an alternate class that will cover your careful necessities. On the off chance that you experience inconveniences in picking granite, you should get exhortation from the specialists likewise take online reviews.

  • Golden oak granite:

Golden colour granite is a superior choice, and it comes with brown and orange colour veins.  These kinds of granites are recommended for flooring, countertop, wall dado, etc.  Even this kind of granite is mined from south India.

  • Black galaxy granite:

 Black galaxy granite is dark black colour granite that also comes with metallic white & grey sparkles. Black galaxy granite is the superior choice also recommended for reception counter, entrance, etc. In the general black galaxy, granite is mined from south India.

  • New imperial red granite:

New imperial red granite is also known as chattarpur red, and these are reddish colour granite. It is one of the popular granite varieties in India and perfect for flooring in high traffic areas, including the railway station, hospital, temple, etc. Most importantly, new imperial red granite is mined from north India.

  • Tan brown granite:

 It is one of the most popular types and has a brown tone with light & dark grey dotted sparkles.  Overall it looks beautiful on kitchen countertops,  also perfect for window framing, etc.  However, these kinds of granite are mined from south India.

 How To Choose Granite In India?

The experts mean to release the intriguing scope of granite stones, principally accessible in remarkable, historical, various spaces. Many organizations are accessible today, yet picking the most trusted and perceived maker is crucial for purchasing the top-notch granite stones in India. 

At this moment, you will get granites stones. In numerous completions and surfaces, there are more than twenty sorts of granites in India. Each holds its unique arrangement of elements that likewise conveys unmatched complexity to your office or home.

 Beautiful Granite Varieties:

Granite is one of the sumptuous regular stones, and it holds exciting highlights that never become unfashionable. Hence, there is immense interest in the market and utilization of granite sections and granite in India. Rajasthan is the well-known spot that records the enormous creation of a dazzling range of granite in India.

We likewise found granite pieces in sanctuaries, holy places, mosques, and so on. Generally, individuals focus on Indian granite stones given their flexibility, and still, it rouses some notable Indian business locales. 

 How To Choose The Best Granite?

Before picking any decisions, you should check out various destinations to look at different mixes of granite stones, which grants you to decide the ideal level of home advancement things that breaker granites of each sort, washroom fittings, and obvious, attracting managing. 

Based on your necessities, you can pick granite varieties in India that addresses the style, and surprisingly this additionally ensures the vision you have for your home. 

Moreover, the granite store interfaces customers with organizers; you can likewise get the charm from inside makers, makers, and experienced house-informed authorities. The experts will bring out plans to this current reality. 


 In general, granite is a rough and tough stone, and these are used for kitchen countertops. We can also use it in window framing, washbasin counter, door framing, flooring, Indian seating, Hindu temples, etc., the granite as mentioned above colour shades are perfect for you. Still, before choosing any options, you may take advice and suggestions from the experts and vendors.

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