To-Do List One Day Before The Defence Exam

The Defence forces are one of the preferred sectors by the majority of youngsters in India. Youth of India urge to enter the defence forces in order to serve their nation. Undoubtedly, every candidate put in laborious efforts to prepare perfectly for the defence exam. However, only preparation is not enough to crack the exam. You need to keep a myriad of things in your mind one day before an exam to appear energetically on the exam day.

It is crucial to maintain a to-do list one day prior to the exam. It will eliminate any kind of lethargy or poor performance in the examination hall. Are you oblivious of the things that will help you give your 100% while taking the defence exam? If yes, then read this article scrupulously to perform at your fullest potential in the defence exam. 

It is quite obvious that you may get anxious or stressed due to exam pressure. We can say that you may experience pre-exam nervousness because of numerous reasons. Getting nervous before the exam can hinder your performance which in turn will affect your result. Hence, you may not be able to ace the exam with desirable results.

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Here is a list of some things you must consider one day prior to the Defence exam:

Revise Your Study Notes

It is extremely important to inculcate a habit of preparing study notes while preparing for the defence exam. These notes will prove beneficial to retain each and every concept during the final hours. So, keep one day before the exam to revise all the syllabus and some important concepts with the help of study notes.

Don’t let yourself get confused, it is better to open notes of every subject turn by turn. It can help you avoid any chaos and you can recall all the information easily. This way, you can memorize all the concepts and give your best in the defence exam. 

Avoid Learning Anything New

Well, most of the students commit the biggest mistake of learning new concepts at the end moment. Let us tell you, this is not the right strategy for effective exam preparation. You need at least one or two days to understand and retain concepts properly. If you do so, you will surely be filled with extreme stress and anxiety before the exam.

Moreover, it can also affect your other concepts as well. Never leave any important topic for the last few days. This procrastination can cost you your success in the defence exam. Therefore, it is better to cover all the syllabus 10 days prior to the exam date. This way, you can use the last days to retain your concepts in order to strengthen your preparation. 

Avoid Using Social Media

Being an aspirant, you need to understand that you will have ample time after the exam day to scroll through social media. So, you need to devote that precious time to studying rather than chatting and scrolling. Note that social media is a supreme distracting element which negatively affects your mentality, concentration, preparation and alternatively your performance.

Instead of using social media, you can calm your mind by practicing mindfulness, hanging out in fresh air or spending some quality time with your family. If you want to ace the exam with flying colors, then be honest with yourself and shun the usage of social media till the exam date. This will keep your mind light and cool and allows you to perform energetically to smash a record. 

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Eat A Healthy Meal

Your performance is a reflection of everything you eat. Therefore, it is critical to eat healthy and tasty food that gives you the energy to perform constructively in the exam. Avoid eating a heavy meal and fatty foods such as finger chips, burgers, and pizzas. These high calorie foods can make you lethargic and sleepy. It is better to eat brain foods such as berries, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables to enhance your intellect.

The other better option is to eat a dark chocolate bar to maintain proper concentration and elevate your mood. This will make you ready for the next day. It implies that healthy food can upgrade your performance and unhealthy food can spoil your performance, now the choice is yours. 

Never Wake Up Till Late At Night

To enhance your performance, it is imperative to have a sound sleep the night before an exam rather than cramming and mugging up the topics. Make sure to relish at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep to avoid sluggishness. Savoring adequate sleep will definitely calm your nerves and boost your brainpower.

Well, if you are believing the myth that sacrificing your sleep and studying till late at night can help you crack the exam, then you are completely wrong. Always remember that a sleep-deprived mind can never think critically to solve tricky questions. Moreover, a sleepy and dull person may lack interest in solving questions and may not be able to attempt all the questions in the exam. 

Arrange Everything For The Morning

Apart from revising and eating healthy, it is equally important to keep all the essential things in the bag. Make sure to gather an admit card, pens and pencils in your bag. Moreover, check the reporting time and set an alarm on your phone accordingly. It is better to wake up early in the morning so that you can revise some topics and eat a healthy breakfast.

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Note that if you appear in the exam with an empty stomach, your rumbling stomach will not allow you to perform excellently in the exam. In addition, never take electronic devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, cameras or bluetooth devices with you because these things are strictly prohibited in the examination hall. 

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Wrapping up

To wrap up, you will ruin all your efforts if you are not aware of some crucial things you need to follow before the exam. Thus, make sure to consider all the above-mentioned things before the exam. This will help you crack the defence exam in one fell swoop. 

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