CLAT 2022 – Section-Wise Preparation Strategy

Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT) is a test of aptitude for a candidate aspiring to enter the field of law. To crack the CLAT exam, an aspirant’s general knowledge and reasoning come in handy. It is also important to note that there is no prescribed or prescribed syllabus for the CLAT exam. And the introduction of many changes in the exam has put the candidates in trouble.

To score a good percentile in the CLAT exam, candidates are advised to go through the section-wise preparation strategy. To help the candidate prepare a foolproof plan, our expert, Mr. Amit Poddar, is here to guide you on how to proceed with the section-wise preparation of the CLAT 2022 exam. Know here easy and practical tips to streamline your section-wise preparation tips for CLAT 2022:

Section wise preparation tips for CLAT 2022

CLAT tests your basic knowledge from each section. Let us find out the key areas that you should prepare from each section here:

CLAT English Section

A lot of paragraph-based questions are expected in the CLAT exam this year. In the examination from these passages, questions will be asked from the students on the basis of inference, understanding, interpretation. Hence, candidates can expect questions

Closing Paragraph – In this type of questions an incomplete paragraph will be provided and candidates will be given the option to choose the correct option which most suitably completes the paragraph.
Guessing Based Questions – In this type of questions a paragraph will be given with options. The candidate has to select the option that correctly highlights the essence of the paragraph.

Preparation Tips – Appear for mock tests regularly. Section-wise tests are another best option if you want to save time and focus on preparing for only one section. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses in this area and then work on them. Solve Vocab, Grammar and Reading Comprehension based questions with a stop watch by your side. You can join the best Coaching for CLAT if you are weak in any CLAT subject. Give time to your speed of solving the questions. Take corrective action after solving your mock tests.

CLAT Maths Section

Prepare your basic maths for the CLAT exam. Advanced maths is not expected, however, questions from basic numerical ability are sure to come up in the exam. In Quant section also, candidates can expect guess based questions which will require a lot of reading to understand the scenario. A multiple-choice paragraph will be given and the candidate has to select the option which correctly supports the inference.

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In the last few years, the Mathematics section was of moderate difficulty level. Questions were taking time. Hence, the selection of questions is important to crack the Mathematics section of the CLAT exam. Hence, it is important to identify the difficult questions and skip them. Your performance in CLAT exam will be assessed on the basis of percentile obtained in the exam. Check out the CLAT math syllabus for CLAT 2022.

Preparation Tips – Look for shortcut techniques and practice fast calculations to gain an edge over this section. Revise your Maths NCERT seriously from class 7th to class 10th. Strengthen your strong areas and focus on the concepts in which you are currently weak.

CLAT Reasoning Section

The reasoning section is a basic test of your reasoning. Questions like – Inference, Conclusion, Inference, Reasoning, Action, and Cause and Effect are expected in the exam. Prepare topics like number series, coding, decoding, blood relation and other areas for mathematical based reasoning.

Preparation Tips – Choose books and study materials that have a lot of questions based on the topics mentioned above.

CLAT General Knowledge Section

Static GK has been removed from 2022 onwards. Since the syllabus for GK is vast, aspirants can be asked questions from many fields like Science, Technology, History, Sports, and Economy. Hence, it is important for the candidates to stay updated with the events, schemes, laws and events that happened in the last 10-11 months.

Preparation Tips – Read newspapers regularly, read current affairs related last 1 year magazines. Stay updated with the happenings around you. If you invest 10-15 minutes a day then there will be no problem in solving such questions

Earlier, a student appearing for the CLAT exam was expected to score more than 120 out of 200 for admission to NLU. However, with small numbers. The number of questions in the exam this year, it will be easier for the candidates to handle the time pressure while attempting the exam.

CLAT entrance exam is not just about testing your subjective knowledge but also aims to test the time management and stress management skills of the candidate. Scoring a good percentile while handling less time pressure to solve enough questions is a challenge for every CLAT aspirant.

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