Dakimakura Body Pillows – The Perfect Custom Way to Cuddle

Are you looking for a way to customize your own dakimakura body pillow? If so, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss the best way to customize a dakimakura body pillow. We will cover the different options available and the benefits of each one. We will also provide some tips on how to get the most out of your customized body pillow. So, if you’re ready to start creating your own unique dakimakura body pillow, read on!

What are they?

Custom dakimakura body pillows are a popular type of pillow in Japan and other parts of Asia. They come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a unique piece of art that you can use as a decorative item or as a way to show off your personality. Often times these pillows are used to add an extra level of comfort while sleeping, sitting, or lounging. Custom dakimakura body pillows, also referred to as hug pillows, have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to be personalized. Thanks to companies like Vograce, it’s easy to find the perfect custom body pillow for your needs.

How to choose the perfect design

Choosing the perfect design for your custom dakimakura body pillow is an important decision. You want a design that reflects your style and personality, and that you’ll love to look at every time you rest on it. To find the perfect design for your body pillow, start by looking for inspiration online. Check out online art galleries, search for images of characters from movies, books, or anime, or look up fan art from popular culture.

Don’t forget to explore what Vograce has to offer, as this website has a wide variety of high-quality designs for dakimakura body pillows. Once you’ve chosen a design, you can customize it with colors, patterns, or textures that you like. Or if you’re feeling creative, why not create your own design? A custom-made dakimakura body pillow is a great way to express yourself and add a unique touch to your bedroom.

How to order your custom dakimakura body pillow

Once you’ve done all your research and found a reputable dealer, it’s time to start the ordering process.

  • Choose the size, shape, and fabric of your pillow. Most custom body pillows come in rectangular or circular shapes and can vary in size from 40 cm to 140 cm. Some websites even offer custom sizes so you can get the exact measurements you want. Consider the size and shape of your pillow carefully, as this will determine how much space you have for your design.
  • How to choose the perfect design? You can choose to use an existing design, such as an anime character, or upload a photo or design to be printed on the fabric. Select any additional features, such as embroidery or custom stuffing.
  • Enter your shipping information and wait for your pillow to arrive!

Once you’ve placed your order, all that’s left to do is wait for your custom dakimakura body pillow to arrive. It usually takes a few weeks for the pillow to be made and shipped, so be patient! Once it arrives, you can enjoy snuggling up with your very own custom-made pillow. It makes a great addition to any bedroom and can provide comfort while watching movies or just taking a nap.

If you take good care of it, your dakimakura body pillow can last many years without losing its softness and shape. Be sure to regularly spot clean it using a mild detergent and avoid over-washing, which can damage the fabric. Additionally, fluffing and reshaping your pillow regularly will help maintain its quality over time. With the right maintenance, your custom dakimakura body pillow will always be there to give you comfort and support!

What if I don’t like it?

When ordering a custom dakimakura body pillow, it is important to be aware of the possibility that the pillow may not be exactly what you are expecting. While there is a great deal of room for creativity in designing your own pillow, there may still be some details that you don’t like once you get the pillow in hand.

If this happens, you should contact the seller right away. Many reputable dealers will accept returns and/or exchanges for custom orders if you are not satisfied with the product. Be sure to read the return policy carefully before you make a purchase, as each seller’s policies may differ. Additionally, if you do decide to go ahead with a purchase, make sure you are familiar with the quality of the fabric and any additional features such as embroidery or custom stuffing, as this may affect the return policy.

It’s also worth noting that custom Dakimakura body pillows typically require extra time for production and shipping so if possible, try to plan ahead so that you have enough time to receive your order. Some stores offer rush shipping services if needed. Lastly, check customer reviews when deciding which store or website to buy from. This can give you an idea of how well their products match up to their descriptions and whether or not they handle customer service issues well. Doing research now can save you a lot of headache in the long run!


Q: What is a dakimakura body pillow?

A: A dakimakura body pillow is a large, huggable pillow that is usually rectangular in shape and comes in many sizes. The outer fabric is often made of cotton or polyester, while the inner stuffing can range from traditional polyester fiberfill to more luxurious materials such as memory foam or vograce beads.

Q: What is Vograce?

A: Vograce is a special type of microbead stuffing which has become popular in recent years due to its high level of comfort and support. It’s often used in custom dakimakura body pillows because of its unique ability to form to the contours of your body while still maintaining a soft and lightweight feel.

Q: How do I care for my dakimakura body pillow?

A: To ensure the longevity of your pillow, you should vacuum it regularly and spot-clean any spills immediately. If necessary, you can also wash the cover by hand or machine-wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. However, it’s important not to put the pillow in a dryer as this could damage the stuffing inside.

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