How to choose bedroom cupboard designs- 12 Tips and Ideas

Choosing the right type of bedroom cupboard design is essential for creating a stylish and functional room. There are many different types and designs to choose from, but you should select one that will fit with your existing décor while providing adequate storage space. Read on to learn more about how to choose bedroom cupboards!

1. Consider the size of the room 

Ideally, cupboard designs should be chosen to match the size of the room. However, in some cases, it may not be possible to have a full-sized cupboard in a small bedroom. In this case, you can instead choose a mirrored cabinet that will add depth and space to an otherwise tiny room. Remember, whether you have a large room or a small one, it is important to choose space-saving designs that still provide ample storage.

2. Consider the existing décor 

In most cases, bedroom cupboard designs should be chosen with your existing décor in mind. For example, if your bed and other furniture pieces are all white. You might not want to add brown cupboards since they would take away from the overall design. On the other hand, having a brown bed wouldn’t be a problem if your cupboards were white.

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It is often advisable to buy a new bedroom cupboard that matches the style and colour scheme of your existing pieces. This will result in a more polished look while avoiding clashing colours and other distractions.

3. Consider your bedroom furniture 

When it comes to choosing bedroom cupboard designs, you should also carefully consider the types of other pieces in your room. For example, if you have a bed with drawers built into the base, you might want to choose a matching set or at least aim for symmetry throughout your design. The accessories that you have in the room should also be considered, as a bad color choice can ruin an otherwise great design. Try to avoid bold contrasts at all costs.

4. Consider storage space 

It is important to choose a design that will provide ample storage space for all of your bedroom essentials without appearing too cluttered. In virtually every case, you should aim for something with a combination of drawers and shelves that allow you to keep items organized while still being visible. Of course, if you have a large walk-in closet, you may not need to choose bedroom cupboard designs.

5. Consider your budget

The price of bedroom cupboard designs will vary depending on the type you choose. So it is important to consider how much you are willing to spend on this new addition. When in doubt, it is generally advisable to purchase the highest quality pieces that you can afford without spending more than necessary. For example, metal furniture tends to be more durable and of higher quality than other materials, but it is also one of the most expensive options.

6. Consider the materials used to build bedroom cupboard designs

There are many different types of materials that can be used in building a bedroom cupboard. These include solid wood, vinyl, metal and more. In most cases, it is advisable to choose solid wood as this material tends to hold up better over time. However, metal and vinyl cupboards may be a good option for those with children or pets that could damage the furniture. Additionally, if you tend to move around a lot, it might be wise to choose something lighter such as aluminium.

7. Consider any additional features on the bedroom cupboard designs

Bedroom cupboard designs can include many different additional features on the unit. For example, some may come with mirrors on the doors or multiple hanging rods and shelves. In most cases, these types of additions will increase the price of your purchase; however, they may also be extremely useful in small spaces such as dorm rooms or apartments. In most cases, additional features are well worth the extra cost.

8. Consider the usage of the bedroom cupboard designs

Depending on your requirements, you might need a different type of cupboard design. For example, if you are storing clothing in the room it is important to have proper ventilation and lighting options built into your cabinets. On the other hand, if you are using the cupboard to store items that are sensitive to humidity, it is important to choose a well-insulated model.

9. Consider how durable the furniture is 

Last but not least, you need to consider how durable your chosen bedroom cupboard units are. In most cases, metal and vinyl models tend to be both lighter and more durable than solid wood designs. However, it is important to keep in mind that metal is more expensive than wood, so you will have to find the right balance of durability and cost.

10. Keep functionality in mind 

It is essential to keep functionality in mind when choosing bedroom cupboard designs. Make sure you choose an option with enough shelves, drawers, and hanging space. Also, consider anything else you may need such as a mirror and/or lighting options.

11. Determine how much storage space you need 

When determining bedroom cupboard designs it is important to consider how much storage space you actually need. To help you figure this out, make a list of everything you want to store in the cupboard and then look at the available options. This will give you an idea of how much space each design provides.

12. Do you have a specific bedroom cupboard designs in mind? 

If there is a specific design that appeals to your tastes, make sure to choose a model with the same or similar details. For example, if you’ve fallen in love with a Victorian bedroom cupboard but don’t have the money to purchase a real one, choose an option with similar details such as ornate carvings on the side of the unit.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing bedroom cupboard designs. Once you have determined your interior style and set a budget for your new addition, the rest should be easy.

With these things in mind, you should have no problem selecting a design that is both stylish and functional for your bedroom. Contact us at Suntech for more information about how we can help find a perfect match for your home. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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