List of 6 Best Travel Diary Apps for Android System

If you’re always on the go, one of the best ways to make sure you never forget about your travels (or misplace your belongings) is to keep an electronic travel diary with you at all times. These apps can help ensure that you won’t lose track of where you went or what happened when, and they can also help you remember the different details of your journey so that you can share them with friends and family members later on. These are the best travel diary apps for android system available today.

Trotter It

On your smartphone, Trotter It (Best Travel Social Network App) takes a few steps to set up. But after that, it’s smooth sailing. This free app uses built-in GPS technology and Google Maps to create an easy-to-navigate map of all your trip’s locations. Then it creates automatic time-stamped entries as you visit each location. So if you want to share your journey with friends and family, all they have to do is look at Trotter It on their own device.


Diaro is a powerful, flexible and intelligent diary application designed specifically for Android. With an easy to use interface you can keep track of your daily life, from short simple notes, to extensive information and everything in between. You will never forget anything because it’s all with you wherever you go on your Android Device.


Evernote is one of my favorite apps, and has helped me take tons of notes over time. It’s a powerful tool, with many features you might not expect at first. If you need help staying organized while traveling, Evernote can help organize your thoughts and ideas into a structured format.

Google Keep

Google Keep can be used on all major platforms, including Android. It’s easy to use and provides a lot of functionality without being too complicated. You can even link it with Evernote for added convenience if you don’t mind Google knowing how often you check your phone (and what you check). If you like to keep a written record of your day-to-day life, Google Keep might be just what you need.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes is available on all devices, so it’s a good option if you use an iPhone and an iPad. In addition to being able to sync notes via iCloud, you can also access your notes through third-party applications such as Evernote and OneNote. Plus, Apple Notes is also available on Mac computers. Learn more about Apple Notes here.

Catch Notes

With so many travelers and explorers sending their reports, photos and videos directly from their mobile devices these days, it can be difficult to organize them all in a way that makes sense. We believe that an organized system makes it easier to see trends or to see what happened on specific days or months ago; a process that was pioneered by Roman soldiers over 2000 years ago when they began writing on wax tablets. There are several ways you can keep track of where you’ve been and what you did when you’re travelling.

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