10 Reasons Why a Tour Throughout India is a Must

Blessed with natural beauty, rich history, culture and heritage, India is one of the best places to live in. Only some countries in the world visit tourists from all over, and India is one among them. So, if you are a resident, you must plan an all-India tour as soon as possible. 

For Indians to travel across the country, there is the most convenient facility in the name of RAILWAY ticket booking facility for the trains. Whether you wish to go to East from South or North from West, the vast network of connected railways proves to be the best solution.  

India is a diversified country with differences in culture and tradition in every state you go to. You can never assume that you have seen everything unless you haven’t visited every place. Our country has it all, whether you wish to go to the beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, or adventure in forests and national parks.  

As a resident of India, travelling across the country is easier. You are familiar with all the RAILWAY ticket booking platforms and mobile applications, you know the language, and most important of all, you belong from the country.  

Apart from all the beauty it holds, the nation has also rich architecture that holds numerous stories of the bygone period.  It takes glory in how it harbours distant cultures all living in harmony together. People also say that the time spent in India leaves an unforgettable impact on the minds and hearts of all who visit the religiously and culturally rich country.  

The following are other reasons you should travel to India before going abroad.  

History and Architecture  

When you go to any website or app for RAILWAY ticket booking, you will see so many pop-ups telling you about the beauty and grandeur of India. There are so many monuments crowned to be India’s gems and have offered tourists a charm for their eyes. Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Charminar, and many other monuments make India even more attractive.   

Land of Spirituality  

India is known to be the land of many gods. It is not all because of superstitious beliefs; there are tremendous spiritual connections among people. And spiritual travel and holy tourist attractions have made India another favourite place for tourists. For all spiritual enthusiasts, Golden Temple, Dharamshala, Pushkar, Varkala, etc., are so many holy and heritage-rich places that they can visit.  

 Mouth-Watering Street Food  

Indian food is any gourmet’s delight. The spicy condiments with butter-rich tortillas, the staple dishes of every state, and everything else is tastier in India. Even the RAILWAY ticket booking also has associated online food booking facilities. Food is the ideal way to reach any Indian’s heart. So, it becomes a strong reason why you should explore India and its different tastes across states.  

Luxury and Cultural Variability  

The country is rich in culture and heritage in all forms. But what is best about it is the old luxury that is carried forward in ancient buildings and the grandeur in dialect and languages. Rajasthan is one such state that is associated with luxury. The land of Maharajas Rajasthan and the land of Nawabs, Lucknow, wait for your welcome.   

Note- You can find suitable trains for your journey via RAILWAY ticket booking websites and applications. They offer the details of all trains running through the route and their respective timings. So, you can plan accordingly.   

The Festivities  

Every festival in our country is celebrated with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. Every state has some festivals that are their main festivals. So, it is an even better reason to stay in India and enjoy the festivities of all significant celebrations in the respective state. For Onam, you can book your trains to Kerala, and for Holi, you can visit the holy Pushkar in Rajasthan.  

Ceremonies and Celebrations  

All the national days are celebrated just like festivals; emotions and connections are attached to each day. Whether it is Independence Day or Children’s Day, every occasion is honoured and commemorated with utter enthusiasm among people of all ages.  

Adventure Sports  

It is not necessary that you have to go to Spain to have all the fun. (ZNMD references are essential!) India also has some locations that are specifically dedicated to adventure sports. So, if you have a frenzy for such sports, check RAILWAY ticket booking train facilities for Bir Billing, McLeod Ganj, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, others in the list.  

Performing Arts  

Indian talent has never been hidden from anyone across the world. All the folk dances, songs, and other performing arts are the heart and soul of incredible India. Students from the country have been represented in foreign places and brought in name and fame.   

The Welcoming Nature  

Indians always welcome their visitors with open arms. Even if they are from any other part of the world, Indians and their hospitality are known worldwide. So, being an Indian, you would be more than welcome at every place you go. From food to shelter to local guidance, there is an abundance of help, and you cannot help but be overwhelmed with your fellow citizens.  

Multiplicity of Religions  

Indian is a secular country. It combines so many religions, races, cultures, and people living together. There might be some issues, but in the end, everyone loves their country and fellow citizens. Anywhere you go, you will feel a sense of belongingness. People everywhere accept, and this is a strong enough reason to explore India before any other place in the world.  

So, before anything, it is suggested that you book RAILWAY train tickets, enjoy the country ride, and then plan some trips abroad. 

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