7 Reasons Why Artists Love Arches Watercolor Paper Block

Watercolor painting is a captivating art form that allows artists. To express their creativity and emotions through vibrant colors and flowing brushstrokes. To bring their artistic visions to life, professional artists and beginners. Alike require high-quality materials, with the paper being a crucial element. 

Among the various options available, Arches Watercolor Paper Block has become a favorite among artists worldwide. Below are seven compelling reasons why artists love using this Watercolor Paper Block for their artwork: 

1. Superior Quality Material

Arches Watercolor Paper is renowned for its exceptional quality and durability. Made from 100% cotton, this paper is acid-free and chlorine-free, ensuring its longevity and resistance to yellowing over time. The high-quality cotton fibers allow for better absorption of water and pigments, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors on the surface. Artists appreciate the sturdiness of this paper, which prevents warping or buckling. Even when subjected to heavy washes or multiple layers of paint.

2. Exceptional Texture 

Artists highly value the unique texture and grain of Arches Watercolor Paper Block. Available in both hot-press and cold-press finishes. This paper offers a versatile range of options to suit different artistic styles and techniques. The hot-press surface provides a smooth and even texture, ideal for intricate details and controlled brushwork. In contrast, the cold-press surface offers a slightly textured grain, perfect for creating interesting. Effects and capturing the essence of watercolor painting.

3. Excellent Absorbency and Color Vibrancy

One of the key reasons artists choose Arches Watercolor Paper Block is its exceptional absorbency. The paper allows water and pigments to soak in effortlessly, enabling artists to achieve beautiful color gradients and smooth transitions. The absorbent nature of the paper also prevents the paint from pooling or puddling, ensuring greater control and precision. Moreover, the high-quality cotton fibers enhance the brilliance and luminosity of. The colors, making the artwork visually striking and captivating.

4. Ease of Use and Convenience

Arches Watercolor Paper Block is designed for the convenience of artists. The paper is bound on all four sides, eliminating the need for stretching or taping the paper before painting. This unique feature allows artists to work directly on the block. Providing a sturdy and stable surface that stays in place during the painting process. The paper block format allows for easy detachment of finished artworks, making removing and preserving completed paintings effortlessly.

5. Longevity and Archival Quality

Artists value the archival quality of Arches Watercolor Paper Block, as it ensures the preservation of their artworks over time. The acid-free and chlorine-free composition of the paper prevents yellowing or deterioration, making it ideal for creating artwork that can be cherished for generations. The durability of the paper also ensures that the paintings retain their vibrancy and quality, even after years of display or storage.

6. Wide Range of Sizes and Formats

Arches Watercolor Paper Block offers a wide range of sizes and formats to suit the preferences and needs of artists. Whether working on small-scale studies or large, ambitious paintings, artists can find the perfect size to accommodate their artistic vision. The availability of different formats, such as pads, blocks, and sheets, ensures flexibility. And adaptability for various painting styles and techniques.

7. Trusted Brand and Artist Community

Over its long history, Arches Watercolor Paper Block has earned the trust and admiration of artists worldwide. Arches has produced fine art papers for over five centuries, consistently maintaining its commitment to quality and innovation. The brand has become synonymous with excellence and is highly regarded by artists, fostering. A supportive and inspiring community that encourages artistic growth and exploration.


Arches Watercolor Paper Block continues to be. A cherished choice for artists due to its superior quality, durability, texture, absorbency, and color vibrancy. If you are an artist and want your artwork to have superior quality, you can buy Arches cold press watercolor paper from Gold Coast Supply. They are a renowned online store selling high-quality art accessories. The convenience of the paper block format and its archival properties make it. A reliable companion for artists seeking to create artwork that stands the test of time. With its rich history and the trust it has. Garnered within the artist community, Arches Watercolor Paper Block remains essential. For unleashing creativity and bringing captivating watercolor paintings to life.

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