Describe 6 Best Liquid Flow Sensors Among All Types

Conducting a measure of flow rate for the liquids like water and gases in an industrial unit is an essential task. It is determined to know the degree of liquid that is passing through the pipes. Liquid flow sensors have the ability to measure the flow rate of water and gases. The measurement of flow is really important since it could lead to favorable manufacturing and processing.

On the other hand, improper measurements could lead to variance production. It can cause higher costs to the industrial units. Therefore, it is strictly important to use the best quality sensors always. However, the market is full of various flow sensing devices. But only a few among them are reliable and demanding. This guide will let you know about the top 6 types of flow meters or sensors that measure different liquids.

Differential Pressure flow sensors

It is certainly the best type of liquid flow sensor that is used in manufacturing units. As per reports, 50 percent of industrial units rely on this sensor due to its straightforward working principle and accurate result delivery. The working of this meter depends upon the pressure drop across the pipe constraint.

The internal mechanism of this meter consists of a venturi tube that causes artificial flow restriction. It causes the pressure of the liquid to decrease, and the flow rate is measured as per the pressure drop. The higher the pressure will drop, the higher the flow rate of the liquid will compute.

Electromagnetic sensor

In the class of top liquid flow sensors, the name of electromagnetic sensors is also included. It is also known for high accuracy results as it does not contain moving parts. The meter is highly efficient in handling a wide array of fluids and can even measure them at zero pressure drops.

It contains coils that generate a magnetic field. The meter produces a voltage when the liquid passes through the pipe. The voltage generated is proportional to the flow rate of liquid. It is a simple yet effective flow sensor that is used by several industries.

Turbine flow sensors 

It is also a useful liquid flow sensor that is a favorite among the oil and gas industries. The higher accuracy, simple design, and cost-effectiveness of this meter make it the preferred choice for flow measurement. This sensor features a multi-bladed component that works with the flow of liquid. As the liquid passes through, it causes the blades to rotate. The speed of rotating blades determines the flow rate of the liquid.

Vortex sensor

Liquid flow sensors also have an advanced form that is well-known as vortex meters. It has a natural occurrence to measure the flow rate of the liquids. The sensor-equipped a bluff object that causes vortices generation when liquid passes through the object.

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It works to measure the velocity of the liquid. The sensor is known for delivering accurate measuring outcomes. It is also an enduring sensor. Thus, it does not have moving parts. It is also easy to maintain longer for accurate flow measurement.

Mass sensors

A liquid flow sensor that has the ability to measure the flow rate with mass is known as a mass sensor. These sensors are highly accurate in producing flow rate measurements. The best thing about these sensors is the capability of measuring linear, nonlinear, volumetric, and mass flow rates.

Coriolis mass meters are a perfect example of these sensors that can deliver the most precise results. These meters have a vibrating tube in which liquid flows and changes temperature at peak points. The sensor measures flow rate as there is a change in the temperature of the liquid flowing inside the tube.

Ultrasonic sensors

The last type of best liquid flow measuring sensor is ultrasonic meters. These sensors work to measure the flow rate of liquids by computing the distance of ultrasound waves. The travel distance from one side to another and back by the waves is used for computing flow rate.

This meter is also good for producing accurate measurement results. Its uses are among various industries such as mining, pharmaceuticals, power generation, and pulp industry.

The Final Say

This is the list of 6 top-rated sensors that have modern features and precise liquid flow rate measurement. You can choose the liquid flow sensor as per specific requirements. It is good to see a professional when it comes to picking the right choice among different flow sensors.

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