Here are 10 great reasons to stay in a serviced apartment

Serviced flats, as opposed to hotels, provide a variety of amenities, making them a good option for lodging. The number of serviced apartments appears to be growing in India. The cost of staying in a service apartment in Nashik can be reduced by up to 30% when compared to staying in a conventional hotel for a long stay.
Staying in a serviced apartment has numerous benefits. The benefits of staying in a serviced apartment are discussed in this article.

1) A well-maintained environment

The spaces in serviced apartments are well-maintained. Housekeeping and sanitization facilities are included. Additionally, they have taken significant measures to control the pandemic. You will feel right at home in serviced apartments with their well-furnished rooms and vibrant atmosphere.

2) Facilities for parking

Parking facilities may be hard to find in suitable accommodations. Your trip will be more convenient if you stay in a serviced apartment with good parking facilities.

3) Easy cancellations

The purpose of serviced apartments is to make visiting easier for visitors. With their flexible cancellation policies and early check-in facilities, you won’t have any hassles.

4) Pets and kids are welcome

Serviced apartments allow pets, unlike hotels. Traveling with your fur babies is possible. For your kids, some serviced apartments have play areas and swimming pools.

5) Amenities and facilities available

Several amenities are available in serviced apartments, including gyms, lifts, and satellite TVs. These amenities will enhance your vacation experience.

6) The warmth of home-cooked meals

Traveling can be fun, but restaurant food can be unkind to your stomach. You can explore the places without worrying about getting stomach flu when you stay in a serviced apartment that comes with kitchen amenities.

7) Internet access

There is no need for you to worry about not being able to connect to the internet when you are visiting the serviced apartments for your workcation, since they have a wifi service available to you. The vibrant atmosphere of the serviced apartments will also boost your productivity as a result of the vibrant atmosphere.

8) Safety

Traveling with your family can be a very stressful experience if you are concerned about their safety. There are several safety features that are available in serviced apartments for your peace of mind, such as CCTV, security protection, and burglar alarms.

9) There is a 24 hour generator backup system available

It can be annoying to have power problems during your period of accommodation, and may make it difficult for you to sleep or work during the period. In order for you to be able to have a pleasant stay during your entire stay with the serviced apartment, there is an on-site generator backup that runs 24-hours a day.

10) The value for money that you get

As compared to hotels, serviced apartments offer a wide range of amenities, as well as being more hygienic than hotels. Comparatively to hotels, they are more affordable for long-term stays and allow you to save up to 30% of your money over the long-term.

Because of the wide range of amenities available in serviced apartments, they make you feel as if you are staying at home instead of a hotel. There is no doubt that Hiline Apartments are one of the best-serviced apartments in Nashik. This hotel offers well-sanitized rooms with internet access facilities, and it is located in the heart of the city, so you will be close to everything. It is the best-furnished service apartment in Nashik, and the apartments are monitored 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure your safety. If you want to stay long term and short term then aashiyana service apartment is the best apartment to stay in Nashik they provide all the amenities like pantry, parking, kitchen, playground etc.

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