10 Must Know Frill Alternatives

Software that allows customers to give feedback is an essential instrument for every SaaS business. Companies are leading the way for their industry by utilizing innovative and sophisticated methods that have been developed to provide a more efficient and seamless user experience.

Product managers were able to implement gradual modifications to their products and increase the value of their customers through the process. It’s not worth being famous without the trust of the market as well as popularity in the eyes of customers. In the following segment, we’ll go over some aspects of feedback from customers and the importance of it. Let’s get started with Frill Alternatives.

What is the feedback of customers?

Customers provide feedback on their experience through comments from customers. Collecting feedback from customers could help customers, product and marketing departments for customer service in determining the kind of improvement needed.

Feedback from customers can be collected before time by surveys, polls, interviews, or soliciting reviews. It’s now the basis of the growth strategy. The process of asking for opinions or questions prompts people to make conclusions they would not think of without it. If you don’t get feedback from your customers you may not appreciate the significance of a choice.

A frill is a software that makes the process of feedback simple. It’s a difficult process to discover features that users are looking for. Frill helps you collect information, prioritize and distribute updates about features, a simple task. Frill assists you in organizing and tracking requests for features to aid you in understanding the needs of your customers and prioritizing your plans. In this post, we’ve listed the top frill alternative.

Best Frill Alternatives


Feedsocio can be one of the most effective feedback systems that aid SaaS Companies in advancing their service. This tool collects the most important feedback from customers and opinions directly from them and then utilizes the data points to help improve the business.

You can also allow your customers to vote on your idea. This tool can help speed up the growth of the brand. The greatest benefit is the intuitive interface that eliminates the notion of the chaos of submitting feedback and makes it easy for your customers to submit their feedback.


Hellonext can be described as the most trusted feedback from a customers management system for managing customer feedback. It’s among the top-recommended tools for product managers because it lets them integrate feedback, create plans and make suggestions for improvements.

It’s a user-friendly system that lets users know what they want and features they’d want to have within your products. It’s an affordable software that lets you update its features at no cost every 14 days. It costs only 10 dollars per month.


There’s no need for old spreadsheets or scattered boards The Nolt is a safe place to handle all your user requests. Your customers should have their say and get valuable information. Be sure to prioritize comments, make an outline, and keep everyone informed by providing automated updates. Create your personalized Nolt Board with just $25/month.

Product Board

The Product Board provides a tool to manage the product that assists you in bringing the right products to market quicker. Learn what your clients are looking for and prioritize what needs to be created in the near future, arrange your team to implement the strategy you’ve created. Because the product board is an advanced form of customer feedback, its prices start at $20/month and are modified to suit your needs.


Upvoty is the management of satisfaction tool that assists organizations in keeping, capturing, and analyzing feedback. Moderating feedback, product roadmaps, as well as feedback boards, are some of the features. Feedback forms can be linked to other applications like Zapier, Slack, and Google Analytics. For a price of $15 per month, it’s ideal for small-scale companies in addition to Saas Businesses.


Pendo is a user-friendly platform that aids teams working in the field of software to create products that are appreciated by their users.

The Pendo platform helps users through rough areas and help them take advantage of the features that turn them into avid admirers by quickly identifying features and processes that bring customers satisfaction. Pendo does not offer prices. Software and service providers as well as software companies, this is a standard procedure.


UserVoice assists companies in making important decisions about their products, increasing customer satisfaction and retention while reducing expenses. UserVoice lets product teams better communicate with customer services and customers, as well as the sales team and even to achieve great success.

Support software that provides assistance to customers begins at just $15 per month. The version with the most advanced features that track customer feedback as well as features requests starts at $499 per month.


Utilizing Savio With Savio, you can quickly discern what the customers want. It lets you integrate CRM tools and surveys. It is unique in that it validates the effectiveness of your product by identifying people who have expressed an interest in the product you’re developing. The cost of Savio is between $30 and $40 per month.


Usersnap is a platform for the creation of digital products, from design to feedback from users, and customer service. They offer a 360-degree experience that includes monitoring, gathering feedback and a chatbot that provides customers with customer service. Prices vary from $9 to $499 monthly.


UserReport is based on two simple tools which are a research tool and an input device. It lets you have the direct involvement of your customers and discover what they want and how they perceive you can make improvements by making it an integral component of your site or application. At present, it is free of charge.


Qualaroo is a SaaS platform that assists companies to collect data from their customers to help improve their business. Qualaroo’s aim is to help companies understand why their clients and potential customers make certain decisions. It is an innovative method to understand the reason prices can range from $80-$160 per month.


We have already mentioned frill alternatives above the content that’s should be useful for you . An effective data collection and indexing procedure is vital to realize the benefits of feedback mechanisms. You can then quickly take action in response to the data you’ve gathered.

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Because companies are aware of the necessity of monitoring feedback from customers to increase conversion rates and increase the loyalty of their customers over time, it’s crucial to determine the most suitable platform for your requirements right now.

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