What is Drilling Machine? | Parts, Types and Their Uses

Hello, friends Today we are going to discuss drilling machines in which we will know that how many types of drill machines are used in manufacturing as well as their functions.

A D-machine is a manufacturing type of machine such as lathe, milling, shaping, etc. Which is responsible for making holes in a particular shape in any job or workpiece in the manufacturing, construction as well as automobile industry.

So let’s get started without wasting any time.

What is Drilling Machine?

A hole in any object is considered a simple function.  But this work is very important in the workshop. 

Drilling is the process of making holes in any type of job in the workshop. The machine with which this process is done is called a drilling machine.

In these machines, small and big holes can be made by using many types of drills as per their requirement.

A multipoint cutting tool is called a drill bits or drill used in a D-machine to make a hole.

Apart from drilling, various types of operations can be done on these drill machines like Tapping, Reaming, Counter Sinking, Counter Boring, drilling and boring, etc.

Types of Drilling Machines

Two types of machines are used in the drilling process.

  • Portable
  • Stationary or Fixed

Portable Drilling Machines

These machines are light, they can be operated by hand, can also be operated by electricity.

Due to being light, they can be carried easily from one place to another.  There is no accuracy in the holes made by these machines. 

They can be drilled up to 13 mm.

Types of Portable Drilling Machine

There are the following types of portable drilling machines are used.

  • Hand
  • Breast
  • Ratchet Brace
  • Electric Portable
  •  Pneumatic

Hand Drilling Machine

In a hand machine, a drill of size 6 mm is held in the chuck of the machine and driven by hand. 

Mostly it is used in carpentry or electrical shop.

Breast Drilling Machine

A breast machine is very similar to a hand machine in appearance. 

It has an oval plate at the top instead of the handle.  Which is pressed against the chest while giving clues. 

Ratchet Brace Drilling Machine

This machine can drill up to 12 mm.

This thing is the old method of drilling.  In this machine flat or racket, bank drill is used. 

Larger sizes can be made on this machine than the hand drill machine. 

This machine is used for the maximum railway line, garden, application etc. 

Where electricity is possible.

Electric Portable Drilling Machine

 This machine is operated by electricity. 

These machines are usually available in AC current and DC current. 

The speed of these machines is more than other machines. 

Pneumatic Drilling Machine

Pneumatic machines are operated by air pressure. 

Mostly they are used for repairing sea vessels. 

Because the electric machine cannot work underwater. 

They can be used in places where there is no electricity.

Stationary or Fixed Drilling Machines

These machines are very heavy.  They are run by electricity only. 

These machines are used in the workshop by fitting them on the floor or on the work table. 

These machines can be operated at different speeds while drilling. 

There is a system for the use of coolant in these machines.  In these machines, the workpieces are clamped on their tables and holes are made. 

Through these machines, we can do Tapping, Reaming, Counter Sinking, Counter Boring in addition to drilling. 

Drilling up to 100 mm can be done by this machine.

Types of  Stationary or Fixed Drilling Machines

There are the following types of stationary or fixed drilling machines used.

  •  Bench
  •  Pillar Type
  •  Column Type
  •  Radial
  •  Gang
  •  Multi-Spindle
Bench Drilling Machine

This machine is used by fitting it on the bench. 

In this machine drill holes of size 13 mm can be made by clamping it in the chuck and fitting it in the shank. 

This machine is also called a sensitive D-machine.

Pillar Type Drilling Machines

The pillar type D-machine looks like a bench drill machine, the only difference is that a drill of up to 25 mm size can be caught on this machine, its taper bore is cut in its spindle. 

In which large size taper bank drills are caught. 

It is used by fitting it on the floor.

 Column Type Drilling Machine

 Column type machine is a heavy-duty machine for drilling large and deep holes. 

An automatic fit can be given to this machine.  This machine consists of a strong rectangular column. 

On which a carriage is fitted, this carriage is fitted with automatic feed levers. You can set it anywhere on the column. 

Beneath the carriage is a rectangular working table which is adjusted according to the height of the job on the column.

 Radial Drilling Machine

 The speciality of this machine is that by clamping the heavy job on the table, its drilling head can be adjusted anywhere above the job as desired. 

The job can be drilled into a fixed position without moving it. 

This machine has a heavy base of cast iron.  On one end of which a pillar is installed. Due to which a long ready arm is attached. 

The arm can be rotated around the pillar and the radial arm can be set up or down. 

A carriage is mounted on the radial arm. On which the electric motor and spindle head is mounted. 

The carriage can be set anywhere by running back and forth over the entire length of the radial arm.  This machine can be operated by hand and automatic feed.

 Gang Drilling Machine

 When two or more spindles on the same machine fit in the same line, it is called a gang machine. 

In this machine, there is a separate motor on each head. This machine can be operated by hand or by feeding. 

Each spindle of this machine can be operated separately or together and the speed of each spindle can be increased or decreased. 

There is a long working table on this machine. Which can be moved up and down as desired. 

This machine is used for more production.

Multi Spindle Drilling Machine

The multi-spindle machine is used for more production. 

There are many spindles on this machine.  Which is related to the main spindle, the main spindle is driven by the motor. 

When the main spindle is running, all the spindles related to it start moving. 

All spindles of this machine can be fitted with drills of the same size or of different sizes.  With the help of a special climbing device mounted on the spindle head of this machine, the spindle can be set in any position. 

With this machine, many drilling, rimming, tapping, chamfering etc. can be done on the job simultaneously and at the same time.

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