List of Top 10 (Real Estate) Property Websites in Pakistan

Real estate is one of the most valuable investments that you can ever make for yourself and your family. Owning a home takes time and patience, especially if you’re first starting out as an investor. Finding the right place at the right price can be extremely difficult. If you want to buy a property, but aren’t sure where to begin looking, the following list of top 10 property websites in Pakistan will help get you started on your search.

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1) has been ranked as one of the best real estate 2022 websites in Pakistan. is a great place to find your next home because it provides listings for all kinds of properties and land. At this portal, you can search by location or price range, making it easy to find exactly what you need quickly.

Zameen is a great place to find the best properties because it places emphasis on including only those listings that are actively for sale. This way you can avoid wasting time looking at listings for properties that have been taken off the market or weren’t even available in the first place. Zameen is also an affordable option, making it one of the top 10 property websites in Pakistan.

2) is a revolutionary property portal that has the potential to take Pakistani real estate to another level of excellence and convenience for both buyers and sellers alike! The website allows users access not only through its easy-to-use interface but also offers various benefits such as digitalization in every field.

Buyers can get help from’s online database where they will find listings with all necessary information about each property. Just enter criteria specific around what you’re looking for and instant results appear before your eyes!.

3) Property Buy-Rent

Property Buy-Rent is an emerging digital platform for Pakistani real estate investors and is included in one of the top 10 property websites in Pakistan. It provides an opportunity to buy, sell and rent any type of property in Pakistan anywhere around the world. Property buyers can also search through available listings based on their requirements such as residential plots or commercial ones. These services are currently provided free of charge.

As a result of the real estate industry in Pakistan being on the boom, Property Buy-Rent has been able to list more and more projects each day. Property Buy-Rent is making it possible for investors all around the globe, including those living inside of Great Britain to invest in Pakistan’s emerging real estate industry through different types of properties such as residential, commercial, agricultural and warehouses. 

4) is one of the leading websites in Pakistan for finding property listings, with an emphasis on improving visual views to help users make better-informed decisions regarding their investment choices. Ilaan focuses its efforts towards providing efficient tools and services which benefit both buyers looking at buying properties as well sellers. The team at is growing and they recently launched their mobile application on Google Store and Apple’s App Store. 


HomesPakistan, one of the best real estate property websites in Pakistan, empowers its visitors with handy tools and appropriate information to make well-informed investment decisions in Pakistan real estate sector. With thousands of verified property listings, HomesPakistan is the platform that offers profound information regarding the sale, purchase, rent and mortgage of residential and commercial properties in Pakistan.

Furthermore, users have access to an expert opinion on the current state of the property market, tips for home improvement, as well as renowned real estate agencies and architects. It is a preferred choice for homeowners looking to sell or rent out their homes in Pakistan.

6) Jagah Online

Jagah Online is a digital platform designed to help with all your real estate needs. With Jagah Online, everything is easier than ever before. You can browse through the lists of flats and houses for sale or rent. Now accessible through your personal computer or phone, Jagah Online makes everything more convenient for everyone.

Real estate transactions are no longer difficult to do with this digital platform. With the goal to make all property, product, project, or service experiences more accessible to everyone, they strive to make real estate experiences more personalized, affordable, and enjoyable for everyone.

7) Earth Pakistan

Earth Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s leading online property portals. Earth Pakistan wants its visitors to enjoy the entire experience on their site. Through their website, users not only have access to an array of beautiful properties but also receive excellent customer service.

The website has a large portfolio of property types, enough to satisfy visitors from all segments. You can find plots, residential, commercial, rentals, wanted and other categories. Due to this, it is also included in the best property selling websites in Pakistan. 


With, you can be sure you are getting the best property services and the best response time to make sure you can achieve a good exposure with the property. Shakil Ahmed, the chairman of, envisioned and implemented a revolutionary business plan.

Sirmaya allows individuals and companies to list commercial properties for sale or purchase. The reason why we have included it in the list of best property websites in Pakistan is that it is easy to approach and easy to use too. When buying, selling or renting a property, Sirmaya’s team of expert sales & marketing professionals will provide a seamless experience.


Due to the fact that they protect their customers’ interests, is one of the best real estate companies in Pakistan. Through their website, property options can be found for different budgets. A wide variety of properties including houses and plots are available on their website for purchase, sale and rent.

Furthermore, they provide property listing services, allowing you to upload and update information about your property. In short, they deal with all kinds of activities that are related to the real estate sector. 


Pak Real Estate has over 38 years of experience in the industry and has pioneered many projects and initiatives that led to profound changes in the industry. In 2000, was the first online real estate portal in Pakistan.

Their first “Real Estate Expo” took place in the Defence Housing Authority area of Karachi in 2018, and being organized and executed is a big step forward for this industry. You can view a full directory listing of Real Estate Professionals in Pakistan here that can be filtered by city or by name. Furthermore, one can discover the top 100 Real Estate Professionals based on performance through this portal.

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