7 Tips on Hiring Taxi Service for Your Next Event

When you are planning an event, your guests must have access to transportation. Taxi cabs are the best way to ensure guest safety and convenience. Along with catering and decorating, arranging for transportation should be one of your top priorities to plan for this event. Here are some tips on hiring a taxi service for your next event:

1. Determine how many taxi cabs you will need

This will depend on the number of guests in attendance. It is ideal to have one taxi cab assigned per 5 people expected to attend your event, but this can vary depending on where you are located. If the area has a high volume of traffic, then it may be necessary to have one taxi cab per 4 people.

2. Determine what time the event will be over

This will help you determine when your guests should arrive at the location, and how long they can wait before being picked up. If it is a late-night event that ends around 2 AM, then you may need to account for cabs that can remain on standby after the event ends.

It’s important to note that most taxi services in Indore won’t allow their cars to remain idle for an extended period without charging an additional fee, so this should also be considered when planning your budget.

3. Find out where your guests are coming from

If many guests are travelling from another city or state, it may be beneficial to hire different types of taxi services. For example, if some guests are coming from New York and others are coming from Los Angeles, you may need to find a fleet of cars that can accommodate larger groups travelling over long distances.

4. Plan for night-time and early morning arrival times

Even though most events don’t start until the afternoon, it’s important to be prepared for early morning arrivals. Also keep in mind that during evening hours, many guests may have just left another event or gathering and will require transportation immediately. Hiring a taxi cab service that can accommodate your needs during late-night and early-morning arrival times is key to convenience for your guests.

5. Ask the taxi company about special events rates

If you are planning an event with short turnaround times between guest arrivals, you probably don’t want to incur additional charges from the taxi company for this type of service. You can ask them about special event rates or discounts when you set up your contract ahead of time so there won’t be any surprises when they arrive onsite before, during, and after your event.

6. Ask about the best routes to and from your event

Many top cab services in Indore can provide you with a list of preferred travel routes to and from your event location so that their customers don’t get stuck in traffic delays on their way home, or while trying to get there. This is another way you can save time and money for each guest who uses the service.

7. Ask about the wait time

It’s important to understand what types of waiting times you will be charged for, and how much these rates are. Most taxi cab companies have strict policies around keeping their cars off the road after a certain amount of hours, so before signing any contracts you should find out how much they cost to keep the car on standby during your event. Also, ask them if they provide any special services like refreshments or snacks in between guest pick-ups.

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These are some simple tips that can help make hiring a taxi cab company easy and worry-free for your next event! If you need more information about things to consider when choosing a taxi service for your next event, get in touch with us.

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