Retro Decoration: our most beautiful inspirations for your interior

Retro decoration is one of the new decorative styles emerging in recent years. This style mixes the new and the old which gives life to an interior that would be very modern. If you have the soul of a bargain hunter, you can easily find this style of second-hand furniture.

Retro decoration for a colorful living room

You want to make your living room warm and friendly, the vintage retro decoration is perfect for that!

You can bet on colored walls by choosing for example colors like mustard yellow or powder pink. 

This style mixes colors, so feel free to choose decor and furniture in different colors to create that color contrast.

If you do not want to add color to your walls, you can slice this colorful aspect with white walls which remain simpler.

Do not hesitate to add frames and wall decoration to dress them up.

In this decorative style, we can find materials such as wood, velvet or steel. 

You can choose to pair dark wood furniture with colorful velvet. The mixtures of materials and colors are part of the codes of this style.

A soft and relaxing room

As for the bedroom, you can opt for this retro decoration style both in yours and in your child’s bedroom.

For an adult bedroom, play on the materials. Opt for a soft color on the wall like pale pink or water green.

Add to that a duvet with some colorful patterns and graphic frames. You can add colorful and patterned velvet cushions to this decoration.

For a child’s room, you can add bright colors and some childish frames to this decoration. 

As for the duvet, choose colorful patterns. Bet on light wood furniture preferably, it will make the room softer for your little one. Go for models now at Homary.

A bathroom with round shapes

Your bathroom also has the right to retro style. 

To do this, opt for furniture with rounded shapes. Choose a round or oval basin, for the cabinet, opt for dark wood which will add an old spirit to your bathroom.

If you want to add a bathtub, choose it preferably oval or with rounded edges.

As for decoration, you can choose an oval mirror, it will add a touch of originality to your room. 

For the walls, you can bet on colored tiles to add a touch of color, if you are more resistant to colors, bet on white tiles which will still add relief to the walls.

Add colorful decoration to everything and you will have a beautiful decoration for your bathroom.

An unusual kitchen

Retro decoration can also be found in the kitchen. On the walls or on the storage, you can once again play on bright or pastel colors.

You can choose to install a pink or blue fridge for example, there are also toasters or pastel pastry robots that will make your room even more unique.

Lay out some colorful kitchen utensils and arrange picture frames to add some pops of color. 

To add a retro spirit, you can play on the black and white checkered tiles. This will add a touch of retro inspired USA style. 

Bet on the style white credenza to break the too colorful style. If you want to opt for the total colorful look, bet on a patterned or colored credenza.

For this decorative style, steel suspensions are often preferred to lighten the decoration.

You can also choose to arrange a few vintage posters in frames to finish off that retro look.

A retro desk

The decorative style can also be found in your office. 

For materials, you can always bet on dark wood and a few touches of velvet.

Choose a beautiful solid wood desk to give your room an old style. Add to that an armchair of the same wood with a velvet cushion and you will have a total retro look.

Decorate your office with some retro decorations by choosing colorful objects.

For the walls, you can choose to paint them with colors or bet on white.

Arrange a few solid wood or steel shelves to add storage.

Place some plants on it to add greenery to the room, you can also place vintage figurines, books or picture frames on it.

You can also bet on carpet associations, choose them with different patterns but keeping the same color tones.

In superposition it gives a vintage effect to the office room.

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