Best Tips to Prepare for CLAT Legal Reasoning 2022

The topics of the CLАT 2022 Legal Reasoning Syllabus include Important Acts and Amendments of Legislature, Public Policy, Indian Constitution and Current Affairs. The Legal Aptitude part of the CLAT 2022 exam consists of approximately 35-39 multiple choice questions based on legal awareness topics such as recent Supreme Court judgments or legal maxims/terminology.

Many people, especially those with a science background and no prior law experience, find legal merit to be a novel subject. Though the law is a broad subject, you do not need to be an expert to solve most of the questions. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of the law and legal logic. Here are a few things to remember while studying for the CLAT Legal Aptitude Test:

Read Current Events: One of the most important things to do while studying for CLAT is reading. If you have a good reading ability then the time taken to solve problems will reduce dramatically. The whole paper will consist of several parts, so it will have the same effect on all sections. You can join Online classes for CLAT preparation if you are weak in any subject CLAT.

Solve previous years mock tests: sample papers and question papers: Make sure you complete as many practise papers as you can. It will be beneficial.

Prepare well for relevant topics: Tort Law, Contract Law, Indian Penal Code and Legal Theory. It is not necessary to remember this; But, it is enough to have a basic understanding of how the law works. Remember that the test is not about your legal knowledge; It’s about your ability to implement it. In addition, any and all relevant information.

Communication: The spirit of the law is to inform. Have a nice and enthusiastic conversation with your friends or classmates who are studying for CLAT about the rules you are studying. Build an attitude and learn how to communicate it. If you don’t have any friends preparing for CLAT, join Telegram groups, Discord servers or other online forums.

Time Management Tips: For questions that involve reasoning, each question should not take more than 45-55 seconds to complete, and questions on legal knowledge should not take more than 10 seconds. This nitpicking is important to complete all the questions though it can be time-consuming at times.

CLAT 2022 exam for UG courses has logical reasoning as one section

Most of the students who attempted the CLAT exam thought that the paper was too long.
This part had a maximum number of passages and multiple-choice questions.
The section consisted of eight passages and 40 multiple-choice questions.
The questions in the section were easy to moderate.
Some students struggled to understand the importance of the questions.

Check out the points to know how to prepare for CLAT Legal Reasoning with all the tips, tricks and strategies for aspiring students-

  • Read the broad passage first and then attempt the question. Don’t read the hypothetical situation initially, this will avoid you to form an opinion, and the candidate will be able to answer objectively. Download CLAT Syllabus PDF.
  • Since applicants have to attempt 150 questions in 120 minutes duration, they must ensure that they meet their speed and accuracy together.
  • Always go with an answer that has clear implications along the way.
  • CLAT Legal Reasoning is the most prominent section, marks-wise, and such a specific section requires candidates to have a fair knowledge of the basics. Exercising regularly is the key to perform well in this segment.
  • Consistently work on reading and accuracy skills.
  • To practice CLAT Legal Reasoning paper refer only the best books like- Legal Reasoning Module of LST, Analytical Aptitude E-Book by R S Agarwal, etc.
  • Practice with CLAT mock tests and previous year question papers which will help you to know about the pattern of questions and difficulty of the exam.
  • Make adequate use of internet and find sample/practice papers to help students in CLAT Legal Reasoning section.

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