Last Minute Preparation Tips for CLAT 2022

Are you appearing for CLAT 2022? With the exam approaching, CLAT aspirants are busy preparing for the exam day. Some last-minute CLAT 2022 preparation tips can help the candidates to enhance their performance and score better.

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is one of the most popular law entrance exams in India and every year around 70,000 students apply for CLAT UG. Admission to all law programs for both UG and PG levels is done through CLAT, including integrated law courses. Apart from National Law Universities (NLUs), many other leading law colleges in India accept CLAT scores for the conduct of their admission process.

The exam will now be conducted on July 23 and with the announcement of the new exam date, it is important that candidates keep themselves calm and focus on how to prepare for CLAT during COVID-19. With very little time left for the exam, candidates must make sure that they cover the entire syllabus and prepare well.

As the exam approaches, candidates must go through the last-minute preparation tips for CLAT 2022 to ensure better marks. The right preparation strategy adopted in the last few days before the exam can go a long way in boosting performance. Find out the major CLAT 2022 last-minute preparation tips in this article.

CLAT 2022 Last Minute Preparation Tips

Go through the last-minute CLAT 2022 preparation tips listed below and get an understanding of what you can do in these few days before the exam. Following these important points while preparing for CLAT 2022 a week before the exam date can help you to enhance your performance and score better marks.

Last-minute revision:

Make sure you spend some time revising the topics and syllabus at the last minute. Everything should be fresh in your memory and for that, you need to go through the CLAT 2022 syllabus briefly at least once just before the exam. Pay more attention to those topics which you studied earlier and which you could not revise enough.

Go through your notes:

One of the most efficient ways to revise the CLAT syllabus before the exam is by reading the notes made by you during CLAT preparation. Since you have all the matters in a comprehensive format as per your understanding, you will be able to complete it easily along with saving a lot of time.

Solve Mock Tests:

Solving CLAT 2022 Mock Test Series is essentially the most important step during your preparation at this point in time. You should try to solve as many mock tests as possible so that you are not only familiar with the CLAT 2022 exam pattern but are also comfortable and well-versed in it. It will also prepare you for the questions that may be asked in the exam.


While appearing for any entrance exam, there is always scope to practice more. The more you practice, the better you will become at solving questions and scoring better. This will also help you identify the areas that you need to pay more attention to. Apart from increasing your accuracy, practicing questions and sample papers also helps in time management while taking the exam.

Don’t start anything new:

It is best to revise all the study material which you have already covered and not start with any new book or topic. No matter how many exams you are in, don’t start any new topic or book for CLAT preparation a few days before the exam. This will confuse you and will not be clear about the topic.

Focus on Time Management:

Proper time management comprises a major part of CLAT preparation for any aspirant. You must know how to manage your time during the exam and distribute it among all the sections. You should set aside more time for those sections which are relatively difficult for you. It is extremely important to solve all the questions in the stipulated time. You should also have some free time in the end to go for the exam.

Revise all formulas:

Make sure you go through all the formulas in the Quantitative Techniques section of CLAT 2022. Be well versed with all the important formulas and mathematical tricks so that you can attempt all the quantitative questions with ease.

Try to improve your accuracy:

During the last few days before the CLAT exam, you should focus on improving your accuracy and making sure that whatever approach you use, you arrive at the right answer. Since CLAT has included negative marking for wrong answers in its marking scheme, getting the correct answer to as many questions as possible makes all the difference in the exam scores. You should not rush with questions and solve them properly.

Go through the Exam Day Instructions:

The consortium has released a set of instructions that are to be followed on the day of the CLAT 2022 exam. Some of those instructions are also mentioned on the admit card of CLAT 2022. All applicants must read these instructions and make sure that they do not forget to follow them.

Improve your reading habit:

Many questions in CLAT 2022 will be passage-based. Therefore, it is important for you to be good at reading and understanding the passages. For this, you should at least include the habit of reading before the exam as a daily habit. Improve your concentration level as you read so that you can get the most out of the passage by reading it only once or twice.

Fix your sleep cycle:

A week before the CLAT 2022 exam, you should start taking care of yourself with respect to your diet, sleeping schedule, etc. It is important to schedule your sleep so that you do not get tired on the day of the exam or at the time of the exam and out of your mind. is working properly. Eat healthy food and take proper rest so that you don’t get anxious or confused.

Organize all required documents:

Candidates have to carry some important documents with them to the CLAT exam centre. You must collect all the necessary items including your admit card, identity proof, etc, and keep them aside before the day of the CLAT exam.

Follow all COVID-19 specific instructions:

On the day of CLAT 2022, candidates will need to complete certain formalities to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All the candidates must have a small hand sanitizer bottle and a transparent water bottle with them when they reach the CLAT exam center.

They should wear masks and gloves and should not carry anything other than two ballpoint pens. You must keep all these things ready before the exam so that you can avoid any trouble on the day of the exam.

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