A Popular Orthodontic Dental Solution for The Kids

Nothing is more attractive in a child than his infectious smile. A child’s mood is predicted by his smiling face. But what happens if the kid is growing up with a misaligned set of teeth. The kid will smile less and act shy in public, thus marrying his confidence and body positivity.

Though this aesthetic issue is not so significant, yet in the present-day world, where looks matter the most, it becomes important to address this problem while the kids are still young. Also, the American Association of orthodontics recommends that a child should have his first dental visit by his seventh year. This will help the dentist to identify the subtlest of any emerging tooth issue.

 Among the kids’ dental concerns, the most common is crooked or overcrowded teeth. If your kid has misaligned teeth, do not let it affect him mentally and emotionally. Thanks to technological advancements in dentistry, there is a better alternative to the traditional metal braces, known as Invisalign. Invisalign is a great dental solution that can fix your kid’s smile in just a matter of time. Let us know more about Invisalign, one of the best Invisalign Manhattan beach dental solutions.

Braces, the original method to straighten the teeth, is still in practice but with the updated methods, orthodontists can give you hassle and pain free results with Invisalign. As treatment with Invisalign shifts from adult to younger kids, dentists at Invisalign Manhattan beach dental solutions are treating more kids without traditional wire braces.

Invisalign is an advanced alignment system used popularly by orthodontists in Manhattan beach dental studio to straighten your teeth in a discreet manner. It is an effective method in treating teeth issues in children including crowding, spacing and narrow dental arches.

This method involves taking a 3D impression of your teeth and then each aligner is fabricated by using cutting edge technology.  You will then receive a succession of plastic aligner trays to be re positioned on your teeth.

Why to choose Invisalign over the traditional braces for your kids:

As Invisalign is nearly invisible, they are more aesthetically appealing as compared to traditional metal braces. Most people would not notice you are wearing aligners unless they come really close to your face. There is no teenager who wants wire braces as they feel it makes them look ugly and awkward.

Orthodontists feel that traditional braces put more force on the teeth, so kids experience more pain and pressure. As aligners move the teeth into the desired position with a gentle force, there is very less pain and discomfort involved. So the kids do not get anxious before their appointments to get the Invisalign procedure. The treatment is now also available to kids who still have baby teeth.

Aligners can be removed at any point of the time in the day, including brushing and mealtimes. This means that better oral hygiene can be maintained. The kids’ diet will also not be restricted, as they will be able to eat foods of all kinds. It is a challenge to floss and clean around wire braces. Eating a whole apple also becomes difficult with the traditional braces.

Kids are very comfortable in using Invisalign as they can wear and remove them anytime. Also, they are free from cuts and bruises on the inner side of lips caused due to wire braces.  Aligners are smooth and comfortable to wear, no worry of getting cuts.

There are also fewer visits to dental clinics involved as there is no need to fix any broken part.

They offer more effective and faster results as they straighten several teeth at once. Each aligner is usually worn for about two weeks. The entire treatment takes a maximum 12 to 18 months.

Another benefit of Invisalign is that they are suitable in all types of cases. Almost 60% of orthodontic problems can be treated with Invisalign at Manhattan Beach dental studio. From spacing to crowding issues, Invisalign is going to be the best Invisalign Manhattan Beach dental solutions for your kids.  

Invisalign treatment is also more affordable than you think. The cost depends on how much the complex concern is. At Manhattan beach dental studio, there are flexible payment plans for Invisalign patients.

Invisalign also protects your teeth from discoloration, plaque build-up, tooth decay. If your kid grinds his teeth, then aligners protect the teeth from wear and tear. It also serves as a protective mouth guard.

The only downside to the aligners is that the patient compliance to wear the Invisalign for more than 20 hours is very necessary. With traditional braces, without cooperation, straight teeth can be achieved. With aligners and a lack of cooperation, all that you could get is treatment with no effective results.

However, the advantages of aligners outweigh the disadvantages.  It is always best to get an evaluation done by a Manhattan beach dental solution provider. Make sure that the dentist answers all your concerns and makes customized treatment plans for your kid’s dental problems. With Invisalign Manhattan beach dental center, your kid will have one more reason to smile and a smile which is not awkward.

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