Discover The Best Flowers Arrangements For Every Occasion

Special occasions call for special evenings and gatherings, such moments of joy need a companion, and what’s better than a fresh flower arrangement? No matter what occasion it may be, flowers seamlessly fit in and also create a positive environment. 

Here are some special occasions and best flowers for them- 


Talking of the most popular occasion of giving flowers, birthdays are more than just another reason to party. This occasion in particular marks your lifetime, your memories, and your love within yourself. Birthdays are a reason for excitement, joy, and fun whereas for some it’s about introspection and my time. No matter what you expect out of your birthday you can go with flowers that belong to your particular birth month or others like:

  • Daisies- These are not just pretty but also cheerful and bright, making them a great option for a birthday gift.
  • Carnations- They are easy to find at the best florist in Alexandria, Virginia, and are super cute. 
  • Sunflowers- We all know how sunflowers are loved by many, this bold flower is great to make a statement or for a summer birthday event. 


A moment of love and a lifetime of companionship. Anniversaries, specifically romantic ones, are landmarks in your relationship that mark, not just the years passed but also the struggles, the memories, and everything in between. Flowers have been a big part of being in love and so anniversaries definitely need these flowers:

  • Red Rose- This flower is a symbol of love and passion all around the world. You can create a bouquet of a dozen roses or even more. If not all red you can also go with the classic white and red combination. 
  • Asiatic Lilies- A flower that goes well with any occasion, lilies especially Asiatic and stargazer are great for anniversary flower bouquets. You can also find them at Foxglove Flowers LLC.

New Baby

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a one-of-a-kind feeling, it’s not just about the new life but also how your life would change for the good. Flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy. They act as a token of best wishes, kindness, and support towards the parents and a display of joy and affection for the new baby. Must-have flowers for this occasion would be:

  • Pink Roses- Roses are the best option for various reasons, they are extremely beautiful, two, are easy to find across the world, and are a popular pick for flowers in Alexandria. You can create a lovely pink rose bouquet with just these or you can add white ones as well. Place your lowers in an equally gorgeous vessel for the complete look.
  • Hydrangeas- Out of the few flowers you can get these if you are looking for blue flowers. Get an assorted bunch or of a specific color and hydrangeas will never disappoint. 


Flowers help us express various emotions, and the best ones are those when we get to cherish and be proud of our loved ones. Be it a dream college, a promotion, or anything much awaited. Saying ‘Congratulations’ with flowers is an etiquette to keep. These flowers represent your support and are a warm hug. Flowers that are a good option for this event are:

  • Orange roses- A great source of positivity and energy, orange roses are a recent addition to the colors of roses. You can get a bouquet with just orange roses or you can add yellow ones for an even better effect. 
  • Gerbera Daisies- Another bright and vibrant flower, gerberas come in beautiful colorful shades. You can get any color or an assorted bunch. 

You can get these best flowers from any flower shops in Arlington, VA, and also other cities. Because when it comes to flowers they are always somewhere around you when you need them.

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