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What Is A Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Liquid rhinoplasty, often known as a liquid nose job, is a non-surgical nose job. Whereas in this procedure, the dermal filler is strategically injected into various areas of the nose to reshape. Due to its affordability and convenience, a non-surgical nose job, like most non-surgical treatments, is becoming increasingly popular among men and women worldwide.

Non-surgical nose job is quicker, easier, and less expensive than surgery. The procedure involves little pain and downtime, which makes it an even more appealing and suitable choice. The non-surgical nose job also does not have the adverse reactions or major side effects, risks, or difficulties that surgery has. Whereas on the other hand, the results of non-surgical nose jobs are temporary. During a non-surgical nose job, a doctor will use a fine needle to inject the dermal filler into particular areas of the nose, most often hyaluronic acid fillers.

Non-Surgical Nose Job London 

Liquid rhinoplasty can help fix nose asymmetry and profile difficulties to make the nose look more balanced and proportionate. The nose reshaping procedure can help make the nose seem straighter, fix bumps on the bridge, make it less hooked, give a downward pointing nose tip, and fill in depressions.

The procedure can also be used to heighten the nose’s bridge and change the nose’s width. Moreover, the outcome or results of a non-surgical nose job are temporary and not permanent. It is less of a commitment than surgical rhinoplasty. Other aspects such as downtime, price, complications, and side effects are also minimized, all of which make this treatment more beneficial.

The non-surgical nose job has grown in popularity in recent years since it is a fast and generally less expensive technique to change nasal structure without downtime. With proper analysis, a highly experienced facial cosmetic surgeon can gently apply injectable fillers to change your nasal shape for up to a year, but this also depends on the filler used.

What Kind Of Fillers Are Effective For Nose Reshaping?

There are different kind of fillers used which includes Voluma, Radiesse, and Juvederm. These can be used for non-surgical nose job treatment, but which one is ideal for the patient depends on the goal. Many patients prefer their noses to look smaller, while others want to reduce a bump on the bridge. Each of these situations demands quite distinctive qualities in a filler. It’s also essential to remember that the nose is a delicate feature, and we can’t just focus on looks while making changes.

What Does Non-Surgical Nose Job Procedure Includes?

Filler is injected into the tissue on or around the nose during non-surgical nose jobs. Hyaluronic acid is the most often used filler during a non-surgical nose job. Hyaluronic acid is a chemical that the body produces on its own. Moreover, Hyaluronic acid has varying effects depending on where it is injected.

The doctor will inject just a little amount of the Hyaluronic acid filler into specific parts of the nose to obtain the required effect. On the other hand, to rectify a bump in the nose, the doctor can inject filler into the bridge of the nose above the bump to smoothen out the nose.

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The doctor will inject filler around the base of the nostrils to raise the tip of the nose to correct a drooping tip of the nose. Before injecting, the doctor will apply a numbing cream to the site, making the process painless. The entire treatment takes around thirty minutes, and the benefits usually last up to a year. Some patients can be treated in a single sitting, but two or three treatments are required for the finest outcomes in most situations.

Non-surgical nose job could be a suitable option if you want a minor alteration in your looks. This treatment is suitable for temporarily addressing minor faults on the bridge, nostrils, or tips in order to get a straighter, more symmetrical nose. Whereas on the other hand, It can also benefit people with a weak chin or jawline. 

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Non-Surgical Nose Job?

There is the possibility of certain side effects with non-surgical nose jobs, like with any other aesthetic treatments. After the treatment, there might be minor bruising; however, arnica cream might assist with this; swelling and inflammation and some bleeding at the injection sites are also common. However, after the procedure, the area might also be sensitive.

The excellent thing is that these adverse effects only last a short time, and these are temporary. However, more severe risks might occur, including occlusions, when filler accidentally blocks a blood vessel. However, these are uncommon, especially if you pick a medically certified doctor.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Cost UK

Cosmedocs charge £45 for this treatment, but however, the cost of a Non-surgical nose job depends on the quantity of product needed. Your doctor will suggest how much of the product is required to get the desired outcome. This is a great, cost-effective choice for individuals who wish to improve or modify the structure or look of their nose but do not want surgery.

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Non-surgical nose job includes using temporary injectable fillers to improve certain areas of the nose in order to get a better and improved look without surgery.

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