Navigation Systems and Tractors: A Delivering Combination

All thanks to modern-era navigation systems like GPS from the USA and INDIA’s NAVIC. Farming with tractors like Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx has become far more interesting than it was in the past. Besides, it has been proven that GPS-based applications play a crucial role in the practice of “smart agriculture”. Like precision farming, revamping farm planning, field mapping, crop probing, soil sampling, tractor guidance, yield mapping, variable rate applications, and more. So, let us learn about several ways in which GPS is changing the way farming happens today.

Navigation Systems: Basic Definition

Navigation systems are ground-level computing systems that help in navigation. And can be entirely on board Eicher 188 Price. At the same time, the controlling system is located elsewhere, using radio signals to control the movements of the tractor. 

Benefits Of Navigation Systems In Agriculture

As promised above, let us learn more about some of the ways the farming and agriculture industry is using GPS technology to increase their overall productivity in the field. 

1. Create Invisible Field Boundaries

A geofence, alternate name: virtual geographic boundary, is an invisible to the eye, virtual fence. When a GPS device riding on a vehicle like a tractor working on the farm crosses the “fence,” a digital response originates. These geofences are of great help whenever you desire an alert. Like in case a piece of equipment or a vehicle is removed from your farm. 

Not only that, these geofences can be of great help in keeping unwanted things out of your farm. For instance, you will get an alert in case your vehicle migrates into a restricted area or an area that has already been cultivated. Additionally, these geofences help farmers mark areas that require fertilising or harvesting. They can also use this technology to identify patches of land that have already been treated by pesticides. 

2. Keep Track Of Farming Equipment and Workers

Also, due to the huge volume of area under farming, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track of costly farming hardware. But GPS tracking devices and satellite-based fleet management solutions make it easy to round up the real-time location of these vehicles and equipment. 

For instance, you have received a major weather alert that a storm is going to pass through your farm. So, you can use GPS tracking devices mounted on your tractors to check whether any of your farming hardware is in harm’s way. And mobilise them to safer locations in due course of time to avoid any damage.

Additionally, GPS tracking devices provide you with information that contains the real-time location of your field workers, which can be of great help in ensuring efficient decision-making along with improved communication. Besides, with this real-time monitoring of your farming gear. There is a reduced need for supervision. In other words, fewer workers can handle larger fields. Hence, reducing your labour costs. 

3. Protection Against Theft

According to a recent report, there has been an exponential rise in the number of stolen farming equipment incidents. So, with the use of geofencing and GPS tracking strategies, you can put an end to these unwanted situations. With the help of GPS equipment mounted on your farming equipment, you will have their real-time location in your hands. And authorities will find it easy to recover the stolen hardware with the help of the location data provided by you. 

4. Revamp Farming Routes

When you are cultivating a huge expanse of land, ensuring efficiency can be quite difficult. Because both operators and drivers find it tough to decide on which route to take. But with these navigation systems at your disposal, these problems become a thing of the past. As now, you can keep track of the land that has been cultivated and the patch of the land that needs to be worked upon. All with the help of their GPS coordinates. Besides, by sticking to the most productive routes. You can effectively reduce both your fuel bills and equipment and vehicle’s wear and tear. 


According to the latest government report, even though the amount of land under cultivation and labour involved in the agriculture sector is seeing a drop worldwide. But the average farm yield is witnessing a rise. All thanks to newer advancements in agriculture that enable farmers to get a better yield from their farms by applying less effort.  

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