MIM From LBS Could be Your Best Choice if You Follow These Tips

London Business School (LBS) can be the absolute best place to pursue a Master in Management (MiM). It’s already a phenomenon that Europe is the best destination for MiM or in general management studies. Countries like France, Spain, Singapore stand out to offer excellent MiM programs. So why not do it from the best possible country in Europe?

MiM at LBS

Masters in Management (MiM) at LBS is a twelve-month, fast-paced curriculum program. The program is designed for graduates with almost or more negligible than 2-years of professional work experience. The program will equip you with the critical business understanding, adaptive mindset, international perspective, and business-ready practical skills to hit the ground running.

Ranked #4 MiM programs worldwide with 96% employment success, LBS MiM is sure a fortune to catch. Europe is renowned for offering more possibilities and higher occupations expectancy in the management sector for its solid and stable economy. The entire continent is a global market in itself. LBS takes into consideration all the aspects and factors that are crucial to your development.

Tips for MiM From LBS

There can be certain aspects that need to be considered to secure enrolment at LBS. Moreover, for a MiM program, it’s even more intense. Business and management are among the most competitive branches of education. Along with it, acceptance rates for business and management programs are meagre. Therefore, it would be best to prepare to achieve your place for a MiM at LBS. Here are a few tips that will help you get into LBS MiM:

Know the MiM Program

A law degree from Harvard can be a poor choice if it does not fit your expectancy and needs. Know the MiM program in detail in advance to start your preparation. LBS MiM focuses explicitly on building a comprehensive career development that effectively communicates your values among employees and organizations. A factor in the management sector is highly regarded as essential and in which most European institutes specialize. In the case of LBS, moreover, you will be benefiting from events like Early Careers Recruitment Evening, Tech and Startup Evening and Buy-side Networking Evening that will support your global career.

Comprehending Essay Questions

Answering a question and connecting it with an answer are two different things. At a stage of institutes like LBS, excellent answers are not enough to make the cut. Apart from understanding the Essay question, look for what LBS is seeking in you. The qualities and skills that are praised and required from an applicant. Here is the most critical question you will be facing in the Essay while applying for LBS MiM:

”What learning outcomes are you aiming to achieve as part of your Masters in Management programme? What challenge(s) might you encounter?” (500 words).

Achievements Over Co-curricular

You may have come across the importance of co-curricular in business and management programs at prestigious universities. However, for LBS MiM, you need to focus more on achievements and participation at a technical level. Therefore, your co-curricular will be another requirement. Prepare your portfolio with case studies done in your graduation, work-experience situation that you have had in your small amount of fieldwork. Try to bring out the more accurate, relevant achievements you have to the table. It will boost up your chances for enrolment.


For LBS MiM, applicants are required to submit GMAT/GRE test scores as an application requirement. Do not oversee this required test score as your transcripts and CV/resume. GMAT and GRE test scores are immensely valuable in business and management programs. These tests represent your ability to learn, adapt, and implement in the long run, something that plays a vital role in the business and management industry. Therefore, it would be best to have an exceptional GMAT/GRE score to clear the bar.


Application deadlines are some of the details that one should not miss. After the global pandemic, the dates are more flexible among international institutions in the educational sector. Due to availability and course duration, the application medium and platform are also subject to change. The current deadline for August 2022 (MiM 2023) intakes are:

  • Deadline 1: January 24, 2022
  • Deadline 2: March 30, 2022
  • Deadline 3: May 27, 2022


Apart from the admission requirement and eligibility, visa and passport statutes are common aspects to take care of. The prime subjects are to know your plans and strategies to succeed in the management industry. The specific critical details of your preferred profession decide a program that suits you. Where some programs offer standard expertise, some offer specialized approaches. LBS MiM is sure to provide you with both.

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