From Mangalore to Bangalore: A Scenic Journey through Coastal Karnataka

Embarking on a trip from Mangalore to Bangalore offers an opportunity to witness the beauty of Coastal Karnataka. Bangalore, known for its exceptional infrastructure, employment opportunities, educational institutes, and tourist attractions, is a must-visit destination in India. Perched atop the Karnataka Plateau, the city treats visitors to picturesque views and a pleasant climate.

Covering a distance of 372 km, the road trip from Mangalore to Bangalore takes approximately eight hours. To ensure a fun, eventful, and safe journey. You can rely on the services of a reputable taxi service in Mangalore.

Discover Offbeat Attractions along the Route:

Along the route, there are several offbeat attractions that deserve a visit:

  1. Chikkamagaluru: A quick stop at Chikmagalur adds a touch of nature to your journey. This beautiful hill station nestled in the Western Ghats offers scenic landscapes, coffee plantations, and a wildlife sanctuary. Making it an ideal place to connect with nature.
  2. Manasa Amusement & Water Park: For a dose of excitement, the amusement and water park on your way from Mangalore will not disappoint. This family-friendly resort features thrilling rides suitable for all ages. Dive into the lazy river or enjoy the wave pool while your children paddle around in the toddler pool.
  3. Mangaladevi Temple: Just 3 km from the city centre, Mangaladevi Temple is a holy place that attracts thousands of devotees. Dedicated to the goddess of strength, Ma Shakti, the temple showcases exquisite architectural craftsmanship & is a testament to the rich history of the region.
  4. St. Aloysius Chapel: This chapel, almost two centuries old, is a true masterpiece and bears a resemblance to the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Adorned with remarkable art pieces on the ceilings and walls, the chapel offers a serene atmosphere for prayer and contemplation. Stepping into St. Aloysius Chapel is like entering an art gallery, where the incredible craftsmanship and stunning artwork create a captivating ambience that enchants visitors.
  5. Tannirbhavi Beach: Take a break from your journey and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Tannirbhavi Beach. With its lush greenery, sandy shores, and mesmerising Karnataka coastline. It provides the perfect setting to relax, swim, savour local cuisine, and soak in the beauty of the sunset.
  6. Gomateshwara Statue: A visit to the 57-foot-tall granite statue of Gomateshwara is a must for its religious significance and historical value. Believed to have been built in 983 CE, this monumental Jain statue stands as one of the oldest in the world. Capturing the curiosity and admiration of visitors.
  7. Bekal Fort: Your road trip from Mangalore to Bangalore would be incomplete without a stop at Bekal Fort. Offering a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Karnataka. The fort provides a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea from its highest point, allowing visitors to appreciate the grandeur of the coastline.

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