Jaisalmer Camel Safari: Everything You Should Know PRIOR TO

One of the most amazing and captivating experiences you can have in India might be riding a camel through Rajasthan’s undulating deserts and camping under a starry sky.

The camel, also known as the “ship of the desert,” is Rajasthan’s undisputed tourist attraction. They can be found everywhere, from villages to deserts, on safaris to at festivals. A camel safari brings tourists closer to the undeveloped desert landscape by allowing them to peek into the simple village life. Tourists are taken on a camel safari through the desert sand dunes and past ancient havelis, crumbling temples, and deserted palaces.

A camel safari jaisalmer also promises other temptations, such as Rajasthani folk music and exquisite food. Additionally, a number of cultural programmes are offered to visitors in the desert. While most people believe deserts to be lifeless, you can experience the true beauty and charm of the sands on the Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari.

Safari with camels in Jaisalmer

This tour is ideal for you if you’re looking for an exciting Desert Camel Safari experience.

The best way to explore desert regions in Jaisalmer is on a camel adventure ride. Make yourself a comfortable seat on the back of an ungulate and take in the miles-long sand dunes that surround you. A camel can take you places that would be difficult for a jeep or other type of car to reach.The pride of Rajasthan is the camel, also known as The only means of transportation in these frequently hostile areas for a very long time was the “ship of the desert.”.

The most well-liked location in Rajasthan for camel safaris is the desert area surrounding Jaisalmer. Camel safaris are popular in the Bikaner area because they have their own allure. Many tour operators will let you select your own route, allowing you to choose between less-traveled roads and the most popular safari tracks. Without a doubt, the two most popular locations close to Jaisalmer are Sam and Khuri. Nothing could be more exciting than a camel safari through the Thar’s golden dunes.


Sam are the proper sand dunes that are most popular for camel safaris, and they are located 45 kilometres to the west of Jaisalmer. Discover the true Rajasthan while taking in a variety of cultural events against the backdrop of glistening sand dunes. You can also take in live Rajasthani folk music and dance performances at the campfire at night.


Khuri, which is encircled by enormous desert hills, is another well-liked location for a Jaisalmer camel safari. If the Sam sand dunes seem a little crowded, you might find Khuri to be quite serene.The Khuri village, which is 40 kilometres south-west of Jaisalmer, offers a romantic camel safari. Take in the night’s expansive starry sky and don’t forget to see the mesmerising sunset directly behind the Golden Desert. The village stands out from other tourist destinations in Rajasthan thanks to its unique charm. The houses in this area are constructed from mud and straw and decorated with patterns taken from Persian rugs. You can browse the small, colourful local shops in the narrow lanes if you want to buy crafts.

Avoid being seduced by the cheaper offers when selecting a camel safari in Rajasthan because they might not be the most practical.

Camel Safari Tours And Duration In Jaisalmer

Camel safaris can be tailored to meet your needs, just like any other excursion can. There are full-day camel safaris that allow you to return home the same day if you’re on a tight schedule. You will be expected to depart early as part of the agreement. There are also options for 2 days and 1 night. A 4-day Camel safari is typically preferred by those who want to explore a little more. There are also options for 14 days, 21 days, and month-long camel safaris if this isn’t satisfying enough for you. Another option that many die-hard enthusiasts choose is a custom itinerary.

When Is The Best Time To Go Camel Safari?

Since camel safaris typically take place during the day in Rajasthan’s dry climate, it’s best to visit during one of the cooler months between September and March. After March, the desert begins to radiate intense heat, and the monsoon season begins soon after.

What To Bring With You On A Camel Safari

Just bring a padded cushion to sit on to prevent sore legs and bums from occurring during your camel ride. You must also bring mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a hat, a flashlight, enough water, and plenty of warm clothing.

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