How to Write a fantastic book All you need to know

Do you like paranormal stories and scary stories  and do you also want to create one? So, all you have to do is write a novel like this . However, it’s not that simple, so find out now all you need to know to write this kind of novel…

First of all, what is a fantasy book?

Before starting to write this kind of book, it will be important to define it well. A fantastic novel is to add a little supernatural, paranormal in our world. It is also often trying to scare people with these different elements. In fact, the fantastic is the incursion of the unreal into the real. You can have more information on this genre by directly discovering our page on the fantasy novel .

When you therefore want to start writing your fantastic work, you will therefore be inspired by our different stages for writing a novel (phase of reflection, writing and correction), as well as our other advice on the subject which will will make the task easier.

However, the fantastic is a particular universe and therefore logically there will be particularities.

What to do !

Some tips, some advice and above all some points to respect if you want to create a good fantasy book  !

Have a special atmosphere

As we said above, the fantastic often causes fear, because of its very nature, of the entry of the supernatural into our lives. So we will have to try to create an atmosphere that is scary or at least dark. Several tips to make your atmosphere as successful as possible:

  • Situate the story in a disturbing place. City, village, house, amusement park or slaughterhouse, all these places are suitable, but they must be abandoned! You can also opt for a haunted castle, a dark forest, a cemetery or even a labyrinth.
  • The story must take place in a preferably dark atmosphere, either at night or with weather without light (rain, fog or storm).

Anything you can find that will add a dark side to the mood might be nice, so feel free to use it.

Have a terrifying universe

If you ask how to write a fantasy novel and especially how to have a scary universe, you can find answers below. The fantastic is also a dose of the supernatural, so don’t hesitate to use it, either for example with creatures like vampires or werewolves, or with ghosts or even with the living dead.

Other elements can create a terrifying universe, such as:

  • Esotericism: premonitory dreams, possessed people, the presence of evil, etc.
  • On the perception of the senses: a noise, a rustle, shadows can create anxiety in the reader
  • In addition to these elements, we can also mention animated objects, time loops, curses, bloody messages, etc. So there are a thousand ways to create a particularly terrifying universe, so don’t hesitate to do it!


When you want to write your fantasy book, you may ask yourself the question of narration . It is preferable to use the first person, the reader will then identify with the character of the story. The narrator will also have to ask himself questions, to bring out this reflection in the reader. With these questions, often a suspense, a feeling of concern will arise in the reader.

The beginning and the end

When writing your supernatural book, you will need to think about several things, the beginning and the end .

For the beginning of the story, it is better to start the story in our completely normal and real world to suddenly plunge into the supernatural. The reader’s fear and surprise will only be more important and impactful.

For the end, it will often end badly, but the most important thing is to have a story that ends in a troubled way, simply so that the reader continues to wonder, so that he can no longer distinguish too much between real and unreal.

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