How To Make An Amazon Affiliate Blog: Definitive Guide

Amazon today has become the largest retail company in the world, beating large companies such as wallmart and others in the United States and in Spain companies such as El Corte Ingles.

The good thing about this for us as users and online business entrepreneurs is that they have one of the most profitable affiliate marketing platforms that exists today and they give us the option to get a lot out of Amazon affiliates. 

In this guide on making niche pages or authority pages for amazon affiliates, I’m going to cover the basics to the most advanced for anyone who is interested in setting up an amazon affiliate business.

I am going to explain what I know so far about amazon affiliates and what strategies I use, which you can also use to start your own amazon affiliate website. It is a bit long article but I assure you that the information it has will keep you reading until the end. I also have an article on how to make a blog, you can read it too as it will help you a lot to understand this. 

Today Amazon is the world’s # 1 retailer of all types of products (both physical and digital) and has one of the most popular affiliate programs online. In the United States and Spain there are already many people who are making a lot of money every month, and that profit is mostly passive once your website is positioned in the top positions of the search engines.

In this guide, I will talk about how to do some research to choose a niche to focus on until you reach growth strategies for your blog so that you can build, scale and have a profitable business with Amazon affiliates.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site?

To understand a little better what an amazon niche website is, it is any site that earns money through the amazon Affiliate Program through affiliate links / banners placed throughout its site.

The term “niche” itself can be quite broad, as what you think of as a niche site can differ from person to person. In general, I would like to think of it this way: if a website earns most of its income through the Amazon affiliate program, then it can be thought of as an Amazon niche site.

For example, Start your startup is NOT a niche site, because Amazon is not its main source of income, but in the books section I recommend books that redirect to amazon and this gives me a commission for sales.

On the other hand, sites like (Amazon English) and (Amazon Spanish) can be considered as Amazon niche sites because they mostly make their money from the Amazon affiliate program.

 Even though they are both large authority product review sites, they still rely on Amazon to earn most of their revenue, so their profit model is quite similar to that of smaller niche sites.

Now these are two out of a million sites, and not everyone has the time, money, or energy to build large sites. So what most people do is build smaller niche sites that focus on a particular type or category of products.

For example, someone may have a site about mobile phones, clothing, watches, kitchen utensils or sports accessories (tennis, soccer, basketball) or any other topic that people are looking for that can create their business based on this.

Of course, you can create a larger site. Say, create a site about all kinds of sports teams, be it water polo, golf, billiards or paintball, what they call in the US, authority websites. Can such a site work well to win through Amazon? The answer is, yes, but it will require you to invest much more time, money, and effort up front than creating a simple single-topic site.

In my particular case, I like authoritarian sites more, that is to say, several themes since even if the initial work is more in the long term, it is more profitable.

If you have a topic in mind, it usually takes less than 1 month (if you know how to do it) to set up a full niche site with all its content, but obviously, this is half the total work.

The other half is about promoting the site, being able to rank in search like Google, optimizing the landing pages for better conversions, nurturing it properly, and scaling it even more once you start to make some profit.

 Therefore, in this guide we will discuss a little about all the steps you need to have an Amazon page that allows you to generate income or you want to reinstate your Suspended Amazon Seller Account.

1- How to Choose a Market Niche

I can’t stress how important this step is, because 90% of the time, this is the only one that decides if you will fail in your search for your niche site ranking or not.

There are 3 types of Amazon Affiliate niches:

High competition niches:

These are the typical saturated niches of the market, which to enter and be able to compete you have to invest a lot of money to be able to stand out from the rest. An example of this would be the laptop or mobile computer niche.

If you don’t have a huge budget, you can’t and shouldn’t compete with them. Therefore, if you have started an amazon site in a very high competition niche, I advise you to sell it and start over.

Medium Competition Niches:

These are generally niches where you can position but will require a lot of effort and initial investment. They are usually dominated by mid-high level affiliate marketers, who can invest in premium site design, content, and promotion without any hassle.

Therefore, I would not recommend for beginners to test and rank a site in a niche of average competition, especially if you notice a lot of strong sites ranking on the first page of Google. An example of such a niche would be the home appliance niche.

Low competition niches:

Everyone likes low competition niches (some even get caught up in the never-ending quest to find a zero competition niche) because even beginners can create a site in a low competition niche and rank it relatively easily.

But one thing people tend to forget is that there are a fixed number of product categories on Amazon and there is no “absolutely zero competition” niche.

There are two main reasons why low competition niches still exist:

First, have not yet been discovered by the big players. Second, they discovered them but found their earning potential too low to invest their efforts.

You need to keep in mind that although 500 euros or 1000 euros a month may be insignificant for the big players, it is a good amount of money for a beginner and may even be more money than what they currently make in their jobs.

Therefore, with proper planning and execution, you can position yourself in low-competition niches and gradually scale to other product categories to increase your revenue.

Now that you know about the 3 levels of competition when it comes to amazon niche sites, you need to learn how to find an Amazon niche that is right for you. 

These are the characteristics that they must have so that the niche in which you want to work is suitable:

It should be easy to position

It can give you a decent amount of profit when you position

It has enough products and subcategories for you to make a complete site of them.

You yourself have at least a little interest in the subject. This is important, because if you start a website that you have no idea or are not interested in learning from it, no matter how many tasks you outsource, it will be difficult to achieve a long-term business on the subject.

For example, if you get bored when it comes to women’s cosmetics and still choose to create a site in that niche, you have a higher chance of failure than usual.

You should consider whether the products are stationary or not, since your sales will depend on this, for example, if you do a review page on air conditioning aimed at Spaniards, you will only see sales in the summer and you will not have profits the rest of the year. .

 Market Research (Looking for Products) 

From what we have tried, we must already know two fundamental things about the affiliate amazon niche pages, which are the level of competition to consider before entering a market niche and the characteristics that they must have to consider that it is a good investment. website that we are about to create.

 Now we have to look for ideas of what types of products we would like to focus on:

The first step and the most logical is to start by looking for the amazon product category.

There is no better way than to take some time going through all the categories and subcategories that amazon has using their directory.

 A tip that can help you not to waste a lot of time in this step is to look for the product categories that interest you since as we have talked about, the idea is to find a niche that you are interested in since in a long time this will influence growth and dedication that you will dedicate to your amazon affiliate business.

What you should keep in mind when brainstorming about products:

  • Average price should be $ 50 to $ 300
  • At least 2 products on the list of the 1,000 best sellers. You can check this through the sales rows that are available below the product description.
  • At least 1000 monthly searches (it will depend on the market you are targeting) for “best [product category]” or “[product category]” reviews. For example, “best drone to record”.

Use SEMRush to get ideas for products being used by other amazon niche sites

This is a tool that, although it is paid, allows us to do free searches by limiting our results, but it can be of great help even if it does not show us the complete picture.

 (The recommended thing after selecting the niche you want to focus on is to pay it for a month to get the most information that allows you to grow your business).

To use semrush, what we do is put in your search engine the web page that we want to analyze and we will get many interesting data that we can use such as backlinks, monthly traffic, keywords that it has positioned, your competition, among other things.

For this step we are only interested in the keywords that are positioning in Google to get an idea of ​​which keywords you can attack and get the best out of your website.

In this example, use which is an amazon affiliate page dedicated solely to laptops.

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