How to Enjoy Free Music Online?

If you’re a lover of music there are tonnes of websites that let you listen to free music online for free via your smartphone or tablet without having to download any files.

With all the options to choose from, you might be unable to decide on just a few. Here is a list of 12 websites that will help you to select a site so that you can access and play almost every song you can think of any time you’d like.

What’s the Best Place To Listen To Free Music Online

Spotify – Best App for Free Music Online

Spotify is among the top music streaming services with millions of songs available within its catalogue. With Spotify, you can listen to no-cost music online, without downloading anything. You must use an internet browser on your computer or an app for any mobile.

What is what makes Spotify enjoyable is the fact that it allows you to create playlists and share them with friends to allow them to play the same music, or even access playlists that are curated.

You can also set up your own radio station and Spotify will show recommendations based on your musical likes.

The music is all available for free, and Spotify offers many genres, including both older and modern music that can be found through searching for your preferred artists, playlists, and albums as well as by browsing the top albums and new releases.

You can also add them to your Spotify music library and listen to them later.

You must sign up for a user account in order to access Spotify.

Spotify’s free service is free of advertisements, has a less bitrate, and is able to limit the number of skips per hour. Additionally, you are able to choose and play tracks in a playlist you select.

Pandora – Great Channels for Free Music Online

Pandora is among the oldest platforms that stream music for free online. In addition to having millions of music available in its catalogue, it offers numerous features like podcasts, tour dates for artists and album reviews as well as other features to compete with competitors.

You can play the music free of charge and without a subscription. Makeup to 100 personal stations, and stream music whenever you want. It also learns what music you like when you listen to and rate songs.

It then adjusts to your preferences so that it can play more of the music you enjoy.

If you like to personalize your music experience, Pandora is the perfect location to discover your most loved songs and artists and find music that’s similar to the ones you already enjoy.

Pandora can be used on a variety of devices, however, there are some differences when the premium and free versions of the service. Some users worldwide face errors like Pandora Session Timed Out if they are using an older version of the Pandora App.

With Pandora free, it is possible to listen to music and make customized stations. The service also allows unlimited skips on tracks only when you are watching the video ads. The paid tier is Pandora Plus – offers ad-free music, unlimited personal stations as well as infinite skips and replays as well as up to four stations that can be used offline for listening.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is another widely frequented site to listen to music for free online. It allows you to access the entire catalogue of music and is much simpler to use as it integrates on all the major platforms.

YouTube Music works just like the other site, with the exception that it’s devoted exclusively to music streaming and song downloads.

You can upload and search for your favourite music, create playlists, listen to pre-made playlists that cater to specific genres, discover categories that cater to children’s music or join your preferred artists’ channels to receive updates on new music and videos.

It also lets you create playlists that are based on your interests in music and then you can access it on your phone or tablet or even your personal computer. But, YouTube Music, like Spotify does require you to sign in to Google to sign in. Google account.

If you want to listen to music to keep you entertained during your work or studying, YouTube Music is an excellent choice. You’ll need to tolerate advertisements between tracks, and you’re not able to download music or play music playing in the background.

You’ll be able to enjoy YouTube Music with your headphones more if you opt to pay for the premium version as it is ad-free and lets you download tracks and even play music as background music.


Mixcloud, an audio-streaming service Mixcloud employed the “interactive radio’ model to expand as an audio platform, hosting millions of mixes by DJs, and radio-themed shows that were created by radio presenters and DJs.

Listening was free, however, there were rules regarding what could and could not be used in the mixes and the company could also make payments to creators of the content for the music that was used in the mix.

Similar to other free music sites on the internet, it is possible to make playlists, listen to long-length audios, music mix and radio programs at no cost. If you wish to organize the contents by genre or mood, or searchable tags. You can also listen to it via your computer or mobile device.

But, the playback streaming service is limited to users in a variety of ways. You aren’t able to listen to shows that include at least three songs from the same album or more than four tracks from the same artist.

Furthermore, you’re only able to go forward if you’re watching a show or program, and you’re only able to play the show up to three times over a two-week period. Also, it’s ad-supported. You aren’t able to listen to specific songs in-demand.


AccuRadio is a no-cost streaming service online that lets you search for stations, or choose any you like in case you’re not sure what you’re seeking. In contrast to other services listed here, it’s designed by humans and not machines or bots which means you can skip tracks an infinite quantity of times.

There is no requirement for an account in order to use AccuRadio, but If you’d like to see fewer ads, sign up for a no-cost account, and then tailor the channel to suit your preferences in music and save the channels as most-loved. There’s no premium, free variant of AccuRadio available.


Deezer is one of the largest catalogues of music, with millions of songs that you can listen to at no cost. It offers a variety of genres, radio stations and mixes that are fun to make. It also lets you play single songs, or entire playlists, make playlists and then add your own songs to them or share them with other users.

You can also utilize Deezer’s instrument for discovering music to discover new music that matches your tastes and then listen on any device, computer or mobile. As with other streaming music services listed here The free version is ad-supported but doesn’t provide music in high resolution (HD) resolution.


Jango has an enormous collection of music that you can stream for no cost without having to download or sign up. Create your own online radio station by searching your most loved artists or browsing stations according to category or decade and then share the station with friends.

It also suggests artists similar to yours and songs that are based on the music you love, and let’s listen to stations of other users and also block songs that you don’t want to display on your stations.

It is possible to skip between tracks from its library however, you aren’t able to jump to a specific place in the track. Additionally, if you wish to play a particular song, you can look for it, but Jango will play the entire Youtube video, not the audio track.


SoundCloud has been a major player in the world of music since 2007 when social media platforms such as Facebook and others started becoming popular. It’s one of the top sites to stream music online, without downloading. There are emerging artists, mixtapes of DJs, as well as recordings of musicians’ demos.

It is also possible to share your music with friends as well as access unlimited playlists and if you have an account, you’ll be able to access all your music from the web and the mobile application. The site doesn’t contain all of the songs available on other streaming services, though.

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