How to Analyse a CLAT Mock Test?

If you are a CLAT aspirant, you must have heard about the importance of taking the CLAT mock tests and analyzing them. As confusing as the process may sound, typing the words ‘How to Analyze a CLAT Mock Test’ into a search engine will immediately land you over a hundred resources.

The purpose of this article is to give you a tried and tested, most effective way of analyzing mocks.

Be sure to keep track of your score as you progress. Once every 5-6 mocks it is a good idea to convert this table into a graph and see how you are doing the mock score. Are you seeing quantum growth, are your scores stable, or are they consistent?

You want to achieve consistency. Scoring 55 in one CLAT mock test and then 110 in another mock, the same difficulty is not a cause for celebration, consistency is key.

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If you are someone who struggles with time, add a ‘time taken per section’ column to your graph. In the first few months of your preparation it is a good idea to start with mocks every two weeks, then go for one mock every week and then one mock every two or three days, as you get closer to your exam.

Months 1- 4:

In these months you have had the privilege of experimenting, experimenting. Try starting with different classes, find a strategy that suits you. Use this time to learn how to think. How does the difficulty level of the mock affect your strategy? What does a long understanding mean to you? Spend this time introspecting and analyzing. If you are weak in any subject then must join CLAT classes for CLAT exam 2022.

Months 5-7:

Voila! Now you have a strategy, implement it. See if it’s working for you and tweak it if you feel the need. Spend more time analyzing your sections in these months, maybe a sports question in GK is constantly bothering you, or you are not able to figure out that speed, distance time question.

practice it! If you’re bad at it, do it over and over again until that question becomes your best friend. Spend 2-3 hours analyzing your mocks in this period, you will need it.

Months 8 and 9:

By the time you reach this stage, you should have completed 90% of your studies. Your mock scores should reach the level of consistency. How you analyze your mocks in these months is what sets you apart from the rest.

With each CLAT mock test, you should aim to increase your score by 5 marks, 1 in each section. Use your analysis and your tables to find a way out. It would have become easier to analyze mocks in these months, you should take around 1.5 – 2 hours per analysis.

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