How much does a party bus cost to rent?

If you want a memorable night out with your loved ones, renting a party bus is the way to go. Maybe you’re there to celebrate your college-bound child or the accomplishments of your fellow workers. Maybe it’s time for your high school reunion, or you just want to throw a party with your pals. The number of people who can fit onto a party bus is impressive. Here’s the easiest way to save money on London party bus rentals if you’re planning a big bash.

Party bus prices

National average cost$600
Average cost range$530-$624
Low-end cost range$150-$300
High-end cost range$900-$1,050

Limousines, party buses, and extended SUVs are frequently used for special occasions like birthdays, prom season, brewery tours, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bar crawls, sporting events, and wedding car hire in London. Contracts can be made for single or several stops, as well as for a full circle. In this article, you can find information regarding the costs of party buses.

Affects party bus rental prices

Party buses, limousines, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) offer a renting experience. The client is responsible for the driver’s travel time to and from the business depot and the time spent preparing the vehicle for departure and cleaning it after use, regardless of whether the journey was a one-way, multi-stop, or round trip.

For instance, Bride Limo drivers need an hour and a half to prepare for a task before picking up the passenger, meaning that a one-hour ride in the vehicle involves nearly three hours of work.

Length of the ride

A customer’s overall pay is influenced by how long they require service. It is common for party buses and limos to be rented in increments of four hours, with the full amount being applied even if the client only utilizes the vehicle for one hour. Clients will be charged for the wait time whether or not they are using the party bus to get to or from their destination. However, if you’re bringing a large group to a special occasion like a wedding or bachelor party, the extra money can be worth it to ensure everyone arrives together.

Business Location

Limousine service charges start at a flat rate within a 30-mile radius of the company’s headquarters and escalate for trips further than that. Rental rates are adjusted based on the distance between the depot and the consumer. One hundred miles is the equivalent of driving from one end of the London metropolitan region to the other for Bride Limo.

Extra fees may be added when the party bus has to go a great distance or if there are parking fees at the venue.

Time of day

Some businesses impose an extra price for events scheduled to last past midnights, such as bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and other special events. When making arrangements, inquire about the optimal time frame for reserving your party bus. When demand is highest, reservations made after 5 p.m. may incur a price premium for party buses, shuttle buses, and limos.

Type of party bus

The price also depends on the ride’s level of luxury and the number of persons it can hold. Limousines, party buses, SUVs like stretch Hummers, and luxury sedans like the Cadillac Escalade are all available.

Coach and party buses often incorporate gimmicks like TV screens, music systems, and laser lights for passengers to enjoy. A party bus hire with all these amenities would be quite pricey. Depending on the number of passengers, some buses and stretch Limousines obtain as little as three or four miles per gallon, adding to the expense of transportation.

Day of the week

For many of these establishments, Saturdays account for 80% of the week. The weekend is the busiest period of the week for many businesses, with requests for services increasing by a factor of five compared to the workweek. Prices for all vehicles driven by a chauffeur go up by $25 per Saturday.


Hire a responsible, experienced driver in advance to ensure the safety of your group and get the celebration started right. Plan an entertaining brewery tour for your next friend gathering, or use the time spent in transport after the wedding reception to continue the party. Hiring a professional party bus provides unlimited opportunities, from enhanced birthday celebrations and expanded bar crawls to exciting, on-the-go bachelorette party activities. All these rates are estimates, and the actual cost of renting a car or bus may vary depending on whether you’re traveling on a weekday, a holiday, or a weekend.

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