7 health benefits of swimming with lifeguard requirements

All sports bring benefits to our health, regardless of age and the time in which they are practiced . To a greater or lesser extent, practicing any sport will improve our quality of life.

Swimming with Lifeguard Requirements is no exception. Moreover, it is considered one of the most complete sports that exist, since practicing it brings benefits in multiple areas of our health and well-being .

Some of the main benefits of practicing swimming constantly are:

1: Burns a significant number of calories: Being underwater, muscles work five to six times more than on dry land.

2: Tone muscles: Swimming an average of 40 minutes each day allows the muscles to get stronger. Swimming mainly exercises the muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen and back.

3: Helps in the treatment of some diseases: Swimming can be a great ally to prevent and treat muscle and nerve injuries, as well as diseases such as high blood pressure.

4: Reduce stress: Moving around in the water relaxes the body, causing stress levels to drop. Likewise, despite the intense physical exercise that it represents, being in contact with water has been related to giving mental peace of mind.

5: Promotes the activity of the cardiorespiratory system: This allows for greater endurance in other physical activities, such as running.

6: Increases the flexibility of the spine: Helping to eliminate pain in this area.

7: It is an excellent exercise for people with heart problems: As it improves heart health and blood circulation.

Why should you practice swimming?

Swimming not only has benefits for the physical, but also for your mind.

Are you looking for a sport and don’t know which one to choose? Well, swimming is ideal. It is very complete and not only exercises all your muscles, it also has benefits for your mind!

Swimming eliminates stress: it has a relaxing effect and is due to the fact of being in contact with water . It can be ideal to do it in the morning, to start the day with energy, or at night to try to relax.

Increased Confidence! Little by little, confidence is gained when swimming, by adopting new styles, by daring to greater depths. This strengthens and increases self-confidence, something that is transferred to other areas.

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