Fitness Program 10 Minutes of Bodybuilding Per Day

Monday’s fitness class

1.) Sheathing
Alternate thirty seconds of sheathing the elbows by using the 30 second of Superman sheathing (we lay on our stomachs, then remove the legs and the bust. We sit on our stomach. The chest, arms and legs should be elevated.)
Repetition these exercises four times, with a maximum of 1 minute between each repetition of the Repeat these two exercises 4 times with a maximum of 1 minute break between each repetition. fitness routine.

2) Push-ups / Squats / Jumping Jack:
Do 10 push-ups with your feet or 15 on your knees (depending on your ability) and 10-15 bodyweight squats (that is , that there is no additional weight in your hands, only your body) and 20 jumping Jacks (small jumps that involve spreading your legs).
Repeat this sequence 3 to 5 times , with intervals of 30 to 2 mins between each set of repetitions.

Mardi fitness program

Express fitness program Bodybuilding for 10 minutes every day for five days to shed pounds!

Moreover Choose any activity you like to improve your cardio: swimming, cycling or rollerblading, walking briskly or squash, running and soccer.


  1. Sheathing / Harlow:
    In between, you can do 30 minutes of sheathing the arms while keeping one leg elevated (15 minutes per leg) by making 15 arlauds (or Harlow: lying with your stomach in a seated position, look toward the ground, with arms extended forward. Moreover the hands should be pointing towards the buttocks as an arc that forms an arc. It is crucial to ensure that your arms don’t rest on with the earth during the move in order to force the muscles to work efficiently).
    Repeat the two exercises 4 times, with a maximum of 1 minute of break during each set.

    2) Push-ups / Lunges / Mountain climbing:
    Do 10 tricep push-ups on your feet or 15 knee push-ups (depending on your ability) and 10 to 12 lunges for each leg with body weight (without lifting weights with your hands) and 20 mountain climbing .
    Repeat the sequence three to five times with the rest of 30 to 2 mins between each set of repetitions.


However spend a few days to relax your body and mind. Butt It is crucial to rest during an exercise program for strength.


1) Shaping:
Invert 30 seconds back sheathing at your elbows (lying on your back, bent legs with feet flat on the floor and arms by your sides; lift the pelvis, and hold the position) followed by 30 seconds of sitting spoon sheathing and feet readings.
Repeat the two exercises four times, with a maximum of one minute in between every repetition.

2) Burpees / Lunges / Dips / Knee raises Chain
Five Burpees + 30 lunges walking (thus the one leg is advancing after the other) and 10-second dips from a bench or a chair 20 knee climbs.
Repeat the series three to five times, with the rest of 30 to 2 mins between each set of repetitions.

On Saturday

However finish the program by engaging in any activity you like to improve your cardio: swimming, cycling and rollerblading. Brisk walking or squash, running and football.

Tips and Precautions for a Fitness Program:

Moreover to be able to get back to a healthy state to get back in shape, the progress of your efforts is crucial! Make sure not to go “in the red” from the very first session in this program in the attempt to make yourself force. 

It is preferential to progress slowly. Repetition the workout, increasing the repetitions and sets throughout the duration of the week. If you are “too” tired, do not hesitate to put off your workout until the next day. The goal here isn’t to overwork yourself out, but instead to gradually get back into your physical form. .

When you are in the middle of your exercise exercise, be sure to drink water before and after the workout. Breathing is not something to be ignored also: inhale and exhale throughout the exercise. Also, try to achieve complete (maximum) intensities for all movements.

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f you don’t do them properly, you run an increased risk of injury, and it may be difficult to get back to your physical form . Also, diet is an important factor in fitness, so take steps to eat more balanced If you’re not already. It’s an important element to lose the weight.

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