Why Feed Rice Bran To Horses? What Are Its Benefits?

Many horse owners are skeptical of the advantages of rice bran because it is a relatively recent addition to the horse diet. This article contrasts raw rice bran with stabilised rice bran (SRB). We also offer wise recommendations for feeding rice bran to horses. To discover more, keep reading.

Rice bran will encourage your horse to eat more fats and calories while avoiding toxic sugars and simple carbs.

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Rice bran’s high lipid and low carbohydrate content, which also avoids too much starch intake, readily accommodate your horse’s digestive system.

Maintaining a horse’s physical activity level and good weight may be quite challenging as they age. To assist them in achieving and maintaining their ideal weight, SRB can be added to their usual diet. Additionally, horses that put forth the extra effort to support themselves or perform well require more food and fat.

They get the nutrition they need from rice bran’s high fat and calorie content without the risky carbohydrates. When fed properly, horses who are overweight or recuperating from abuse can receive more calories and fat with little risk of developing glycogen replenishment syndrome.

Muscle development and repair are encouraged by the component gamma oryzanol. Both horses need to build back up their muscle mass, and those competing need to do this. SRB is appropriate for horses that require more conditioning for their mane, tail, and hair, in addition to helping them gain weight healthily.

The benefits of higher fat intake include a thick, breakage-resistant mane and tail, good skin, a glossy coat, and a fuller diet.

Is Stabilized Rice Bran(SRB) An Effective Option For “HOT” Horses?

For horses who become hot quickly, this vitamin is a fantastic choice. Overindulging in sugar and carbohydrates can result in hyperactivity in both people and horses. SRB has insufficient amounts of sugar and carbohydrates compared to other feed types. Therefore, there’s little chance that it will make your horse agitated.

The Benefits of a High-Fat Food for Horses

High-fat meals may effectively promote weight development and provide enough energy for horses without introducing harmful sugars and carbs to the diet. Your horse will have a better-looking coat and have enough energy to maintain a healthy weight with the addition of the nutritious calories from the fat and SRB.

Since SRB contains a lot of energy, it contains up to 15% more healthy fat than traditional horse feeds.

Like protein, the healthy fat in SRB gives your horse a constant stream of calm energy rather than short spurts of excitement.

Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids are essential for horses’ optimal health. There are many of these essential fatty acids in SRB.

You can add critical fatty acids to your horse’s diet to improve the quality of its coat and cell integrity.

SRB also contains significant levels of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant. It may thus strengthen your horse’s immune system by ensuring optimal gut health and adding antioxidants to the food.

The superior dietary fibre supports your horse’s digestive health in SRB.

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