Shifts in Fashion Trends During The Last Ten Years

What is fashion?

Firstly, we need to know what fashion is. Fashion is what is followed by everyone, the aesthetic representation of your personality through apparels, style preferences, etc. Fashion appears in clothing, footwear, makeup, accessories, lifestyle, hairstyles and much more. We are living in the 21st century, a contemporary world where everyone wants to become a fashionista. In other words, we want to make new trends for the fashion industry. 

Who sets the trend?

Trends are followed by our new generation these days. They are more into new trends and always try to adopt it. What’s in the trend these days, refers to fashion. Nowadays we, as a people, try to follow influencers and celebrities’ lives. In addition, what they wear, what are their style preferences, what they eat, what they do, where they go, etc. In short, that’s how a trend is set.

Fashion trends in 2010’s  

It was a time when people liked to wear and use animal printed clothes, ripped jeans, loose jackets and it won’t be wrong to say, it was a time when we saw a revival of grunge fashion in the USA.

Role of social media in fashion industry

Social media plays a very important role in our life or we can say it has become an important part of our daily lives, without scrolling social media we feel incomplete. As a result, it has given a new height to the digital fashion industry.

Where brands use social media platforms to promote their businesses and that’s how easily they connect to their target market by using these social platforms like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They have shifted fashion more into a digital world than it is followed in the real world. Everyone tries to dress aesthetically and pose for a picture and upload it onto their social media accounts.

Instagramable fashion trend 

This is a digital era of fashion, which has revived the fashion industry totally into a new look. People always try to show what they wear or what they have, or what life they are living by sharing it on social media. As a result, trendy, stylish yet comfy, casual apparels or we can say an instagramable preference gather more interest than normal simple, outdated styles.

Different apparels styles 

Everyone wants to look good, whether it’s a boy or a girl. Fashion is for everyone no gender discrimination when it comes to follow fashion. Nowadays you can see people like to wear stylish and trendy clothes which is comfy at the same time because no one can compromise when it comes to comfort. Therefore, hoodies, bell bottom jeans, puffy sleeves, baggy clothes, are some of the clothes which can be seen, followed by youngsters in the US. And it varies season to season. Different styles for different seasons. 

Casual attire

Casual is what you can wear in your daily wear. In the US casual dressing can be seen mostly, they normally like to wear casual clothes even for dining out. Denim jeans are always popular when it comes to casual dressing. It gives you a stylish, comfy look. You can wear them with t-shirts, sweaters, or long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts for winter. Many brands in the US offer a fine quality of denim jeans and casual attire.

They are light on pockets as prices are not so very high, affordable to everyone and the best thing about these brands is that they occasionally or seasonally offer sales and offers coupons and promo codes or discount codes to their customers so that they can use it for discounted shopping. Fashion Saviour is one the fashion coupon websites, from where you can find different brands discount coupons.


Wearing sportswear or active wear is very much popular these days. Today’s youngster like to be fit and healthy and for that they go to gym so that, they can look stylish and healthy at the same time. Tracksuit, jogger pants, sports bras, running shorts, tank tops, pullovers, sweatshirts, swimwear, are some of the very common active wears which can be seen these days. Also checkout Redeem On Sports for sports discounts.


Shoes always play an important role in completing the whole look of yours. In fact, it represents your personality. Yes, it sounds weird but footwear really tell us about our personality. Whether, you are a boy or girl, it depends what you choose, color, style or is it going with your outfit or not? Sneakers, boots, slippers, are some of the common foot wear which is trending these days.

And if you are a sports lover and want to shop amazing discounted sports shoes or activewear then fret not as many brands offer their customers discount, promo, coupon codes because nowadays fashion is all about staying fit and healthy. Offon Shoes is a website where you can find all the sports accessories, active wear, shoes related brand’s coupons, and discounts codes.  

Fashion accessories 

Jewelry like light weighted specially, in silver color are trending these days. Where men and women wear accordingly, to match with their outfits. Elegant designs, plain necklaces, are most commonly worn by the youngsters.

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