Top 13 Small Terrace Garden Ideas for 2022

The importance of outdoor living spaces is increasing. As people look to maximize their property, they are looking for ways to make the most of what limited space that they have. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a small terrace garden onto your home.

Not only can you grow some fresh herbs or veggies, but it’s an easy way to help liven up your outdoor space as well. Here are 13 great small terrace garden ideas for you.

1. Create a small terrace garden with flowers and herbs

With this small terrace garden, you can grow your own fresh herbs and flowers that will give a nice pop of color to the space. Not only will they enhance it aesthetically, but they’ll actually help clean the air as well.

2. Grow veggies in a small garden

Another way that you can use the space to your advantage is by growing some veggies of your choice. You can even grow some fruit trees, which will give it an added benefit. By planting these on the terrace, they’ll get plenty of sunshine and fresh air while also giving off more oxygen compared to other plants.

3. Use small potted herbs in the small terrace garden

If you only have a small space available for your terrace garden, then this is a great option for you. You can use it to grow some smaller potted herbs like basil and mint. They will give an added benefit when cooking or baking later on.

4. Use succulents for a small terrace garden

Succulents are great for small terrace gardens. Because they don’t need much light or water to grow, so you won’t have to work hard just to keep them looking great. These are easier to maintain and great if you don’t have a green thumb. Plus, they look lovely when planted in small pots. As an added bonus, they can also greatly reduce air pollution and even combat global warming. However, even if you do tend to kill plants from time to time, these still make good options because they can survive in drier conditions. You’ll get a nice colorful pop from them too.

5. Create a Colourful garden

If you like bright colors, then this is another small terrace garden idea that will work well for you. You can plant your favorite flowers or other plants to get the effect that you would like. The best part about it is that these kinds of gardens are also easy to maintain, especially if you use succulents as well.

6. Plant vines for a small terrace garden

If you have a railing on your terrace, then this is another idea that will be perfect for small terrace garden. You can plant vines to make the most of it and give it an added benefit like more privacy or shade if needed. It’ll also add a touch of green to the space.

7. Create a green wall

There are actually a lot of different kinds of green walls that you can add to your terrace garden. It will add a nice touch. It can also help reduce the amount of heat that enters the house so it’s good for summertime. You can even use some small potted herbs or flowers in between the wall too.

8. Add some modern patio furniture

Patio furniture doesn’t have to be round or bulky especially if you have a small space. It will only take up valuable real estate that could be put to better use. Consider having slim patio furniture instead, which can easily be moved around if needed. There are also other options that might work well for your small terrace garden like beanbags or even floor chairs that can pivot 360 degrees for added flexibility.

9. Add a water feature or pond to a small terrace garden

Water features can be added to create that calming effect without taking up too much space. Not only will it help you relax. But it can also help bring an added touch of wildlife to your terrace as well especially if you have a lot of plants and flowers around it.

10. Add a small lawn

If you have the space available, then it can be nice to have some small section of grass on your terrace. This will allow you to sit down for yourself. While also giving an added benefit of having a good view of the outdoors. You can also use it as an added space for your kids to play around in too.

11. Hang some string lights and let the decorating begin

String lights are a great way to decorate your terrace, especially if you don’t have too much space. You can use them to give it some added illumination on darker days, or just use them for some added decoration instead.

12. Create the illusion of more space by using mirrors

Using large mirrors in your small terrace garden is another idea. It can really help to make it look larger than it actually is. This works well if you have a lot of colorful flowers and plants around because it’ll bounce the colors and light to reflect off of them and create more depth in the space.

13. Use repurposed items

If you want to go the cheap and easy way, then consider using repurposed items for your small terrace garden instead. For example, you can use a stool as a plant stand or just some storage baskets as planters if need be. You can also use old crates or chairs that you aren’t using to add some décor to your terrace garden. It’s a cheap and easy way to do it and you can easily find some of these items online or at your local thrift store.


So, these are some great small terrace garden ideas for you. If you’re looking to create a little bit of green space in your life, then these should be enough to get you started on the right foot. You can come up with something nice even if you only have limited options available.

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Just be creative about it. Remember that different plants and flowers will need slightly different care than others so make sure to do some research before diving headfirst into any one idea. We hope this list provides you with plenty of inspiration for designing your own small terrace garden we can’t wait to see what it looks like when all is said and done!

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