The Latest Effective and Professional Marketing Trends

Digital marketing targets a specific segment of the customer base and is interactive. Digital marketing is increasingly present, including search results advertising, email advertising and tweets – any method that combines marketing with customer feedback or a two-way interaction between the company and the customer row. And you can save money with available coupons on to save money.

1. AI – Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer a new technology, now you have been exposed to AI a lot. When you see ads on social networks, or on search engines, it is because marketers are using AI in their marketing strategy. AI is still being built and perfected day by day, and the trend of AI will be estimated at 50% growth in the next few years.

2. Live stream

Live streaming or live video streaming is growing every day exponentially, according to research, 80% of users say that they would rather watch a live stream than read a post on Facebook.

3. Mobile video consumption grows

Your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices because nowadays search engines will penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly. And the current trend, users spend a lot of time on mobile devices. In the future, mobile video consumption will increase by ~30% and surpass all video on computers and tablets.

4. Customer Experience Marketing

This is the future trend because it helps customers have a better experience. 68% of marketers say their business is focused on customer experience. Creating a good customer experience will help you earn customer loyalty.

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5. Content marketing will become important

Content is King in the current trend, 70% of people want to learn about businesses through articles, not ads. And form of content marketing is also more economical than other forms.

6. Voice Search

Voice search is more popular than ever, users are tending to search in this way with smartphones and mobile devices. It is predicted that in 2022, 50% of searches will be by voice.

7. Advertisements are not broadcast on television

Now that there are many platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, and Social Media, businesses should also advertise digitally, not just pay attention to advertising on local television.

8. Focus on Generation Z

“Generation Z” is the term for young people born between 1995-2000, this is the generation that will bring about many changes in online technology. Focusing on Generation Z will be the first trend as this generation will be the main consumers in the next decade. Marketing trends in 2022 are predicted to focus heavily on generation z.

9. Transparency

Transparency is an essential element in marketing and it will become a marketing trend in 2022, customers will read objective reviews, they will also search for all information about businesses on social media, so focus on improving them. improve service quality. It also allows customers to see the activities behind the surface of your business. Because future trends will need a lot more human factors than products, logos or services.

Digital Marketing is gradually replacing traditional Marketing

Marketing is based on the market base, but the market and customer tastes are constantly changing. Therefore, there are marketing campaigns that work very well at one time but fail at another time. According to Mr. Sandip Roy, digital marketing is gradually replacing traditional marketing.

Looking back at the change of media, from the first advertising mediums such as TV and radio to social networking platforms on the Internet, we can see how to communicate and transmit messages through each from time to time there are changes and adjustments to match the user’s behavior.

Marketing therefore also has a shift from the traditional form: advertising on TV, billboards, billboards, posters, or product showrooms to digital marketing. Now, businesses can find many solutions to reach customers through many channels such as website, email, mobile messaging or social networks… Many new marketing tools appear, which means the ability to reach out to customers. higher customer base, spreading the message more strongly and increasing the level of interaction between marketers and customers.

Digital Marketing is the trend of the times

In the age where the Internet and digital devices are dominating the world, digital marketing has become the breath of modern marketing. Not only the trend of the Marketing industry, other industries such as banking or tourism also apply digital a lot.

In essence, Digital Marketing is still advertising communication, only different in the way of using different tools and different forms of promotion to achieve the purpose of conveying the message. Each marketing tool has its own pros and cons, no tool is an absolute advantage. According to him, a successful digital campaign requires the convergence of four basic elements:

Consumers are more active in accessing information and they are the ones in control. Currently, users themselves are “inundated” with the content available in the media. Therefore, in order not to be overlooked, brands provide concise and engaging content to retain customers while also stimulating customers to return.

Today’s consumer journey is getting longer and buying behavior is much more complex. There are products that only contact users on Digital channels. In essence, digital is not only a communication channel but also an ecosystem that can improve the customer experience.

Digital’s platform is very open, requiring businesses to be creative: be creative in creating messages – if you don’t want to be drowned in a sea of ​​information, and be creative in both products and business models.

Trends in using data in Marketing and Branding

The foundation of digital marketing is data. The data reflects and provides direct insight into the relationship between your marketing channels. The customer data also helps marketers understand the trends and behaviors of potential customers to come up with marketing activities that are right for them at each different stage in the buyer’s journey.


So above is sharing about 9 marketing trends in 2022 that you should pay attention to, capturing the above trends not only helps you have appropriate marketing strategies that bring high efficiency, and reach your target customers better.

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