How To Use Earmuffs as a Mobile Phone Stand: Tips

Now high-tech products have emerged one after another, and a mobile phone stand costs 4 or 5 yuan. The following editor will introduce to you a mobile phone stand that we can make at home by ourselves, so that we can buy candy with the saved money check out 144hz laptop.


  • one ear muff
  • One mobile phone, my mobile phone has a 5.0 screen
  1. First find a relatively flat place near you to put down the earmuffs, in order to maintain balance
  2. Put the mobile phone on the two ears of the earmuffs, it is very strong, and it is not easy to shake. You can adjust whether the card is on the inside or the outside according to your preference. I personally like the card on the inside.
  3. The last step is to turn on the phone and choose your favorite TV series to watch.

How to use the IE80 Earmuffs

The IE80 ear muffs are similar to the other two sets. I originally recorded a video, but it was too short, so I didn’t upload it. Let’s take a look with the editor now.

  1. First prepare the headphone cable without earmuffs
  2. The earmuffs I bought back
  3. The left hand holds the headphone end without the eartip of the headphone cable, and the right hand holds the separate eartip
  4. After the above preparations are completed, it is time to combine them into one
  5. Twist a few times after co-authoring to see if it fits well and whether it will fall off. It feels ok
  6. For the assembled earphone with earmuffs, repeat the same operation for the other one
  7. Finally, try the connection with the mobile phone and use your ears to try the wonderful sound

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How to draw a sketch of a child wearing Earmuffs

The weather is cold in winter. People often wear hats to prevent their heads from freezing. For children, the children must wear hats and earmuffs. Let’s take a look at how children with earmuffs draw.

  1. First draw the child’s eyebrows, and draw the child’s two eyes under the eyebrows, as shown in the picture
  2. Draw the child’s nose under the eyes, and draw the petty bourgeois’ mouth under the nose, as shown in the picture
  3. After drawing the child’s goose facial features, draw the child’s facial contour line, as shown in the picture
  4. On the right side of the face, we draw the earmuffs on the right ear of the child, and draw a subject moon on the ear as a decoration, as shown in the picture
  5. Then draw the child’s hair on top of the face, as shown in the picture
  6. After symbolizing the hair, we draw the earmuffs on the left ear of the child on the left side of the face, as shown in the figure
  7. Finally, draw the scarf around the child’s neck under the painted head, so that the child wearing earmuffs can be drawn, as shown in the picture ASOS Discount Code NHS 

How to Crochet Earmuffs

It is very cold in the north in winter. If you choose to wear a mask, you have to wear earmuffs. So here I will give you a method of crocheting earmuffs. It is very simple and will look very beautiful and elegant. 

Cotton Thread
  1. Crochet 14 braid stitches.
  2. Lay back and crochet double short needles, and crochet a narrow rectangular strip
  3. Add 2 double short stitches from one end and continue back crochet. Crochet 5 rows.
  4. Now start to crochet forward with less stitches, 2 stitches and one stitch to go round and crochet, no back crochet
  5. The halved circle stitch looks like this
  6. The pink place is where the stitches are reduced, isn’t it pretty

How to make don’t famine rabbit fur earmuffs? What is the use

There are rabbits in the material of the rabbit fur earmuffs. If you want to catch a rabbit, you can use a trap to catch it, which is very convenient. How exactly? Let me tell you

  1. If you want to build rabbit fur earmuffs, you need a rabbit + a branch
  2. If you want to catch a rabbit, you can use a trap to catch it
  3. If you want to get branches, you need to get them from saplings
  4. If rabbit fur earmuffs are built, it has 60 points of warmth
  5. If in winter, when the weather is very cold, you can wear rabbit fur earmuffs

Simple strokes of furry Earmuffs

  • the paper
  • Pen
  1. First, draw the decorative corners of the earmuffs
  2. Draw the shape of the antlers
  3. Draw the main part of the earmuff
  4. Draw the earmuffs and ear protectors
  5. Finally, color and improve the overall picture, carefully draw the details, so that the entire interface is harmonious and beautiful
  6. Earmuffs refer to a kind of cold protection and warm earmuffs

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How to change Earmuffs for Headphones

In just a few steps, we can replace the earplugs by ourselves

  1. First: Take out the earphone and ear tip sleeve that need to be replaced, and turn the ear tip sleeve over in the direction of the arrow.
  2. Next: Grasp the overturned part with your hand and pull it hard (actually, some earphones do not need a lot of force), and then you can unplug it.
  3. Then: Take the eartip that needs to be replaced and turn it over. Align the overturned earplug sleeve with the right earplug post and insert it firmly. You can rotate it properly to increase the diameter of the earplug sleeve and make it easier to put on.
  4. Finally: turn the overturned earplugs back, and you’re done

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