When and Why Did Dogs Start Eating Raw Meat?

Dogs are not strictly carnivores by nature; they exhibit some omnivore features, but this does not imply that they are real omnivores. Dogs have molars that can crush plant foods, but they are pointed, like carnivores, rather than flat, like most omnivores, including bears and humans; therefore, they are less successful at masticating plant materials. Dogs can digest carbohydrates and absorb nutrients from plants, and they have a large enough small intestine to do it. It may be the reason for dogs eating meat as dog food. It helps them improve their medical as well as their digestive system. 

Here are some of the benefits of eating meat by dogs : 

Raw meat meets the biological requirements of Dogs

Dogs are omnivores, and a raw diet corresponds to their biological needs. Prior to domestication, dog food consisted primarily of raw meat. It is also worth noting that dogs had shorter lifespans during this time period when compared to today’s pet dog breeds. 

Further, dogs’ digestive systems are intended to help in raw meat’s rapid and efficient digestion. Because their gastrointestinal tract system is shorter than humans, food goes through it more quickly. Dogs also have stronger stomach acids, which aid in the breakdown of meats purchased from dog food online stores like BearHugs. 

Better coat and skin for Dogs 

A raw meat diet is easier for dogs to digest and results in a smoother, shinier coat than cereal-based dry online dog food. This could be explained by the fact that raw dog food includes little to no carbohydrate filler, but enough fresh fat and easily digestible protein, as well as high quantities of vitamin E and zinc, all of which are essential for coat health. However, it is crucial to note that most dog jerky has vitamin E and zinc in the mix to accomplish the same outcome.

Good and Improved Digestion 

Some people believe feeding dogs raw food allows them to absorb more nutrients. Raw food only takes one or two hours to digest, whereas meat lingers in dogs’ bellies for seven to nine hours. As a result, the dog will defecate less frequently and have less stinky stools. This is good for their digestion, which eventually leads to a happy dog. You can find the relevant dry dog food in online stores, like BearHugs. 

Better Improvements in Medical Conditions 

It is suggested that raw meat can help treat illnesses such as diabetes, but further research is needed to establish that this is good for dogs suffering from these conditions. If your dog has an underlying ailment, always consult your veterinarian about the dog food diet. But, feeding raw meat in a dog food store helps your dog improve its mental condition more swiftly and in a good manner. 


Dogs are not true omnivores as they do not possess the same flat molars as other omnivores but can absorb plant nutrients. Dogs have a biological need for raw meat, which is why it is used in dog food. This dog food meets dogs’ nutritional requirements, allowing them to live longer than before domestication. Therefore, it is important to provide a balanced diet of raw meat and plant-based foods to ensure the optimal health of our four-legged friends.

There are many theories on when and why dogs started eating raw meat. What is known is that today’s dog diet is very different from what their ancestors ate. Some believe that the change in diet led to the domestication of dogs, while others believe that the raw meat diet was more available to dogs and that they adapted to it over time. The key takeaway from this article is to be aware of your dog’s diet and be sure to provide them with a balanced, nutritious meal.

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