What is the development cost of a healthcare app in Dubai?

The demand for healthcare technology apps is booming. Every day, new apps are launched, delivering convenience to the lives of healthcare professionals and patients. 

These applications help the medical sector go digital while offering basic amenities to patients like tracking health progress, measures, treatment, and assistance. According to Global Market Insights, the healthcare app development will reach $500 billion by 2025, which was $86.4 billion in 2018. 

This growth is the motivating factor for entrepreneurs worldwide to invest in a dynamic health app. If you are here to know the development cost then you must be interested in building your healthcare app. Read throughout the guide to learn about it. 

Here, we will explore the essential features that will help you get the estimated cost of developing a healthcare application.  

However, you can consult with the Dubai healthcare app development company to get a clear view of the development cost of your app. 

The development cost of a healthcare app

The platform you select will influence the development cost of your app. Dive into the most used categories and features of the application for medical sector. 

Healthcare app platforms

  • EHR (Electronic Health Record)

EHR is widely considered a secure way of accessing health records. One can get a hold of their medical records anytime anywhere with this electronic health record platform. It provides the user with all the power to stop third-party access to your documents. 

  • Telehealth

It offers the patient an opportunity to consult with the doctor in real-time without being physically present. Telehealth is a great initiative to provide treatment to everyone deprived of basic amenities due to heavy schedules and no access in remote areas. 

  • Schedule Appointment

No one wants to visit a hospital just to schedule an appointment with a doctor. That is where the scheduling appointment platform comes into existence. The user can simply access all the doctors, find out the specialist and create an appointment. Notification on the users’ phones will let them know if the appointment gets fixed or not. 

  •  Symptoms Checker

Checking symptoms without doctors would add more convenience to the users’ lives. You can also use this platform to start your career in this technology. Get insights on the symptoms checker by connecting to the Dubai healthcare application services company

  •    Mental Well-Being

This platform is only for a particular portion where the user will be provided psychological therapy, self-assessment quizzes, and several other things to monitor and enhance the patient’s mental health. 

So, these are the different platforms on which you can build your app. Get into the features to know what you really require in your medical application. 

Healthcare app features

  • Notification

It will remind the patient about the medication dose and their exercise pattern. 

  • Login/Signup

The easy login/signup feature helps the consumer get immediate access to the platform. You can provide them the signup option with their social media network profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter for easy registration. 

  • Consumer Profile

Enable some tools and features to provide consumers with a convenient way of personalising their profiles.

  • Search bar

The feature helps out the patient search for the specific doctor or specialty of the field. So, add this to enhance the remote connection between doctor and patient. 

  • Chatbox

It is a really good approach for consumers who want to chat directly with their doctors to resolve queries on their health. Ensure that you have a licensed practitioner to provide the best consultation through this feature. 

  • Tracking System

Tracking health progress has become a trend today so go with the flow by adding this feature to your application. 

  • Payment method

Instead of adding only one or two payment methods, you can add more to connect with users from all areas. 

So, these are the features and platforms that influence the cost of your app. However, some other factors can also affect the price. Such as: 

  • Development time
  • Tech stack used
  • App’s features and platform
  • Resource allocation & cost
  • Integration of advanced technology
  • Design complexity
  • Resource allocation. 

To Sum it Up!

We hope that you get the answer on the development cost of a medical app in Dubai. But, if you want to get an exact idea on the cost of your own application for the health industry, connect with a Dubai application services company. 

Also, drop your queries if you want to ask anything regarding the guide. 

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