Maximizing the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Whether residential or commercial, it doesn’t matter what kind of property you have; the outdoor lighting considerations should be the same. The outdoors is usually an extension of what is inside. For instance, residential properties extend their kitchen, dining, or living areas to the outdoors.

Exterior lighting is important so that your property is safe and protected, along with creating a relaxing environment for you and your family. There are so many benefits of exterior lighting, some of which are listed below-

  • There is increased protection after dark, and makes it easier to maneuver around the exterior of your property
  • It helps thwart crime
  • It has a very welcoming and warm appeal for your family and guests
  • They create drama and make the landscape more interesting
  • Make the outer space useful, comfortable and functional
  • It increases the curb appeal and property value when you decide to sell it

The presence of outdoor post-top lights is not enough to reap their full benefits. This article compiles some tips to maximize the benefits gained from outdoor lighting.

Ensure a Balance of Security and Aesthetics

A simple way to identify compromised areas outside the building is to walk around it at night with a flashlight. Mark the areas that will affect the safety and areas that should be lit to add to the beauty of the landscape.

Like indoor lighting, outdoor lights also come with different features and functions. Specific areas around the building benefit greatly from adequate lightings, such as the front door, steps, driveways, address plates, etc. You should prefer diffusion or ambient lighting as direct lighting can glare at people’s eyes and cause irritation.

Identify the Best Fixtures for the Outdoor Space

The exterior lighting fixture category has many different designs that are used in various ways. In addition to lamp posts, there are others such as sconce, bollard lights, ceiling fixtures, etc. Each has different functionalities like increasing visibility, highlighting greenery and water features, etc.

Figure Out Your Lighting Style

Do you want to replicate your indoor lighting style on the outside to maintain visual connectivity? Or do you want something completely different to accentuate your property’s exterior architecture? Or are you a fan of something minimalistic?

Just like furniture and outdoor decor, lighting options are vast. Lighting fixtures are now not only functional but can be used as a decorative element. So no matter what your tastes are, you are likely to find something that matches it.

Look for Ratings

When shopping for outdoor lights, make sure you look for wet-rated or damp-rated fixtures. Wet ratings indicate products that can be used in areas affected by rain. Damp-rated is used in sheltered areas but is suitable for areas with high moisture content. The local code requirements also need to be taken care of, such as lights directed downward to reduce the light pollution into the sky.

Consider a Well-lit Outdoor Living Space

The idea that outer space is an extension of their home is taking strong roots in people’s minds. The outside space is no longer made of patio furniture and picnic tables but is now defined as a multi-functional space that can handle lounging, dining, food prep, and host events.

Ensure that the outdoor space is functional and that external light schemes are a must. They not only increase the value of the property but give the residents and users great pleasure for many years to come.

Light up Your Home, Not Your Neighborhood

Avoid overdoing your outdoor lighting. While there is more than one way of installing an outdoor light, there is also more than one wrong way of doing so. Take stadium lights, for instance; they are great for playing at night, but you don’t want them in your backyard, and neither do your neighbors.

Remember, moderation is key. With outdoor lighting, the goal is to see the light, not the fixture. It needs to be tastefully handed so that you turn up the light in your property without lighting up the entire block.

Reduce Environmental Impact

As mentioned earlier, as important as it is to make sure the light shines where you want it to, it is also important that they do not shine everywhere else. Pollution is rampant across the globe, including light pollution, which is a sector that is almost entirely unregulated.

How to Buy a Track Lighting?

Not only that, the manufacturing processes of some types of life use harmful products like mercury which can deeply affect the environment. A practical solution is to use LED lights that are much more environmentally friendly and last way longer than fluorescent or incandescent lights.

When you have an idea of what you want your outdoors to look like, make sure to check all available ranges of fixtures with suppliers in your area. You can always go through Pinterest if you need more inspiration.

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