The Benefits of EMR Software: Aesthetics Pro Online Vs Experity EMR

Investing in an EMR software is a significant investment for any medical practice. But, it is essential to choose the right software. It will improve efficiency and help providers improve patient care.

Aside from that, it can also help providers sustain their revenue cycle. It can help automate a wide variety of tasks. For instance, it can help streamline prescription refill requests, automate appointment reminders, and reduce medical errors.

Let’s discover two EMR software that can help:

Manage Your Practice With AestheticsPro Online

Whether you are looking to manage your medical spa, weight loss center, or tattoo removal clinic, AestheticsPro Online is a great software solution for your practice. This program features secure, cloud-based software that helps you run your practice efficiently. It also offers marketing management functionalities, point of sale (POS) tools, and staff scheduling.

AestheticsPro’s cloud server is HIPAA-compliant, making it a safe and secure platform for managing your practice. The software features an extensive form library with customizable forms that make it easy for you to manage your clients’ health records. AestheticsPro also has a calendar management tool that allows you to schedule appointments with your patients online. The scheduling feature helps you enroll more patients into your practice, and increases your overall revenue. You can also use AestheticsPro to send reminders to your patients about appointments and treatments. You can also customize the email campaigns that you send to your clients.

AestheticsPro also features a powerful patient charting feature, which lets you choose from a variety of templates to input your patient’s information. This feature also helps you to reduce the time you spend on data entry, and can help you determine which templates are the best for your practice. The AestheticsPro patient charting tool is also easy to use, as it lets you select a template based on the information that you enter into it.

AestheticsPro also offers a powerful, easy-to-use, and secure point-of-sale (POS) system, allowing you to sell your products online. You can also use AestheticsPro’s online payment system, which allows you to take credit card payments through your website. This feature also allows you to track your sales and leads, so you can analyze your campaign’s performance in real-time. You can also track your employees’ timesheets, commissions, and payroll.

AestheticsPro also has centralized document storage, which allows you to manage your client and employee data in a single location. You can also set user permissions to allow certain users to access electronic transactions. You can also define who has access to your clients’ health information. You can also store patient data in HIPAA-compliant charts, and ensure that all of your client data is secure.

AestheticsPro also includes an efficient staff calendar that lets you control your staff’s schedules. You can also set up automatic email confirmations for all of your appointments. This feature helps you to reduce no-shows, and improves the quality of your overall practice.

AestheticsPro also allows you to create effective emails, and to schedule automated drip campaigns. This feature is ideal for small to medium medical spa outlets. You can also use the software to build your own custom campaigns, and to analyze the performance of your campaigns.

AestheticsPro also provides extensive training and support for users, and you can customize your account to include additional features. The company also offers a free demo, which lets you try out the software and see how it can help you run your practice. In addition, AestheticsPro offers three pricing options: low, medium, and enterprise. The lower tier of the software costs $125 a month for solo providers; the medium and enterprise versions cost $245 and $295 per month, respectively.

Experity EMR Software Helps Urgent Care Facilities Reach More Patients

Designed to meet the needs of urgent care facilities, software helps doctors to record patient data in a quick and easy manner. Using a cloud-based platform, Experity helps doctors with scheduling appointments, payment processing, and e-prescribing. Adding to the list of services, Experity also offers an integrated operating system, business intelligence, and teleradiology.

Experity provides complete clinical workflow solutions, and it has an active sync with DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. It allows doctors to easily access patient charts, view vital signs, and review lab results. It also includes a built-in payer form. It can be used to bill non-credentialed suppliers, and it includes an e-booking feature.

Experity’s EMR/PM solution includes an intuitive billing and coding engine. It supports behavioral health, pediatrics, and occupational medicine. It also helps urgent care facilities reach more patients.

The platform includes custom common procedure quick pick lists, one-click discharge plans, payment processing, lab integration, and real-time insurance verification. It also features a patient portal, and custom reporting.

Experity’s EMR/PM software also includes an integrated operating system, teleradiology, and an easy-to-use interface. It also allows doctors to send e-prescriptions, reminders, and appointments. It is also desktop-compatible and mobile-friendly.

Experity’s software is helping to redefine the delivery of care in occupational medicine, primary care, and pediatrics. It is also supporting on-demand care providers in rural areas.

Experity is a leading national provider of on-demand care solutions. It is also a market leader in the EMR and practice management software space. Experity’s innovative EMR/PM solution has helped on-demand care facilities to reach more patients.

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