A Complete Guide to Sikh Wedding Ceremonies in London, UK and Why You Should Hire a Professional to Capture it

If you have been to an Indian wedding, you will know that it is among the most exciting events on the planet.

The grandeur of an Indian Sikh wedding never ceases to astound!

Music, dance, cuisine, colour, and the fantastic ambience combine to create an event that is difficult to leave. The whole wedding goes by so quickly that many struggles to recollect several significant moments of their special day. This is why you need to consider hiring a professional for Sikh wedding videography in London, UK.

The bride and groom’s preparation for any wedding ceremony, regardless of culture, takes a significant amount of time! The couple needs to make sure that each of the clothes is beautiful, with not a single thread out of place. When you add in the couple’s wedding party, it’s no surprise that they get up at the crack of dawn to get started.

Here is how a traditional Sikh wedding might take place along with all its events, traditions, and rituals. 

A Sikh Wedding Ceremony 

When traditional dresses are necessary, the bridesmaids are likely to wear bright lehengas that complement the bride’s theme, while the groomsmen are urged to wear a sherwani. The dress selections are entirely up to the couples who can go for a more modern or traditional look.

A conventional suit in cheerful, vibrant colours may be the ideal wardrobe option for men. Light, flowing dresses are always a good choice for women to wear with the decor of the Sikh wedding ceremony, and the colours can vary depending on the bride’s preference. Accessories will most likely be left to the discretion of the wearer, but when it comes to shoes, one should wear something comfortable because dancing at a Sikh wedding is a must. 

“BARAAT” OR Processional

The groom must get to the wedding destination once he is suited and appropriately equipped with his accessories! The baraat is the first ritual, and it occurs when the groom arrives at the Gurudwara, where the wedding will take place.

Traditionally, this travel was done on a mare, although in recent years, a groom will just drive to the destination. However, before he reaches the destination, he will be given an adorned mare to mount and ride the rest of the trip. This colourful and thrilling event, which is accompanied by joyful dance and music with friends and family, is a terrific way to kick off the wedding festivities with a boom! 

If you are getting married in London, you should definitely consider hiring a professional who can flawlessly conduct Sikh wedding videography in London, UK. A professional will give you far more excellent quality of videos and photos because of the state of the art equipment and editing software they have invested in; along with their skill, expertise, and creativity, they can produce a video of your special day that is truly unforgettable.

Welcoming the Groom (Milni)

The groom will be greeted by the bride’s family when he arrives at the location at the end of his baraat. A bright red ribbon held by family members will act as a barrier for the groom, and only once he pays a small toll will he be given the scissors to cut it! This is a pleasant ritual in which sisters taunt their to-be brother-in-law for a higher sum of money than he might be willing to offer.

Following the snipping of the ribbon, hymns are sung, and hugs are exchanged as each member of the baraat is introduced and presented with a garland by those belonging to the bride’s side. 

Only a professional can capture the true meaning of this gorgeous ceremony which simply reflects a warm and welcoming environment for the groom as he arrives to not only claim his wife but also to begin a new family. 

Reaching the Gurudwara (Sikh Place of Worship)

Having a wedding at a Gurudwara is extremely special and gives the union of two people many more blessings.

The wedding ceremony is usually held at the Gurudwara in the middle of the morning or early afternoon. (before the sun sets)

After paying homage to the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy text of Sikhism), family members will proceed to their seats, with men on the right side of the room and women are seated on the opposite.

When the groom arrives along with his guests, he will take a position in front of the Guru Granth Sahib to await the arrival of his bride. It’s almost time for the bride to arrive. While it was once customary for only the bride’s brothers to accompany her down the aisle, more recent times have allowed her parents to do so as well. The bride makes her way to join her groom in front of the sacred book, surrounded by all of this love and support.

After this, the wedding ceremony called Anand Karaj, which translates to blissful union, take place in the Gurudwara, upon completing which, the groom and bride who walked into the holy place walkout as man and wife. 

This is a joining of two families as well as two individuals, so it is crucial for you to hire a professional who can create a fantastic video capturing every unforgettable moment of your special day. 

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