9 Things I Learned While Earning 6 Figures Per Year

In the past 5 years, I have earned 6 figures per year. My financial situation is probably not important to you, but that’s not the point of this article. This money was made through blogging, publishing e-books, finance work, and owning a small business consulting. Learn how to make six figures from my experience ?

He believed six figures were essential at the age of twenty. I have always been aware of what money is. Many of us trade our time for money, but we don’t know why. This thought has been a constant in my mind for a while. Understanding money meant understanding me and maybe even life. 

This is What I Learned from Earning Six Figures : 

1. It won’t make your life better. 

Everywhere you look, there are people who treat people poorly and make a lot of money. These types of people are unacceptable to me. You must eliminate arrogance. What you make is not a factor in whether or not you are a good person. 

Only your actions will determine what kind of person you are. I avoid people who are obsessed with becoming rich. The best people you’ll ever meet are those who don’t have much money but give generously of their time to others. 

2. Expand your horizons

I didn’t think I would be able to make a lot when I was younger. I was very insecure and had an undiagnosed mental disorder that made it difficult for me to take advantage of many opportunities. Six tough conversations about money you should have. Everything changed when I was paid my first $20 as a blogger. 

Although it wasn’t a lot, the possibilities of where this journey would lead me changed. It was then that I realized the value of what I wrote. It seems that the first $ 20 is a fluke. The next $20 seems like luck. Then you begin to see every $ 20 as an opportunity for something greater. In 30 days, the $ 20 was $ 11,000! 

3. Your first million can be lost.

As I was just starting to earn money, a salesman would come into my office every day and tell me to buy a BMW, set up a glass office, give orders, etc. 

The wisest thing I ever said was “The first million dollars that you earn, you can lose as fast as you get it.” This was something I’d seen many times before. I have seen people make tons of money with their businesses, then make 2-3 bad decisions that result in them losing everything. 

4. Many money-making schemes don’t make sense. 

Spend some time browsing social media. They all work, but honesty is the only way to make a lot. You should reconsider your current approach to making money. It’s not about you or your dream. Instead, it’s about using your skills and experiences to help others and inspire them. 

5. There are many ways to help and more money. 

It is easy to get caught up in your brilliant fantasies and over-think money. It all boils down to being more helpful, not making more money. How can you make your work more useful?

 This means that you can run training sessions, learn without being told, speak in meetings, practice leadership and find as many ways to help others as possible. You will make more money if you stop complaining and blame others.

6. It will not make you more generous. 

You may think you are more generous if you have more money. This is false. He was not a supporter of good causes before he earned six figures. It hasn’t changed since he won six figures. 

Giving had to be Deliberate

You have to be willing to try many things at first. In an effort to justify not giving a penny, your brain will tell you you don’t have enough. When I quit celebrating Christmas Day to volunteer in a soup kitchen, everything changed. 

People called me a “boy Scout” when they found out what I was doing. It was a personal test. It was a personal test to see what money could buy. Volunteers and members of the community were asked to bring gifts. The event’s coordinator read out a list of what they needed. He then shared the story about a boy who wanted soccer. 

Earning 6 Figures

Her mother had been a victim to gender violence, and she had experienced a lot. His education was destroyed and he was now two years behind. He found his confidence back through football. He had no uniform, no ball, no soccer shoes. I offered to buy the equipment I needed. I bought the best equipment at the local sports shop.

It was delivered to the shelter, and I didn’t even think about it. The volunteers from my group had to meet with the homeless on the day of the event and ensure they had the most wonderful Christmas day possible. They tapped me on my shoulder as I chatted with others at my table.

The organizer said that the mother and child who had given me the soccer team wanted me to meet them. This was not what I expected. We were not supposed to know who we had gifted gifts to. I was moved when the mother thanked me for the gift. 

The same thing happened to me. “This gift gives you the rest that you need. You don’t know.” That moment still guides me in my money thinking today. It was an amazing experience that cost me very little. 

7. Many problems won’t be solved. 

Money is not the solution. It is easy to believe that money will solve all your problems. It would be incredible if you had $ 100,000 in your bank. This is false. Many problems can’t be solved by money; the solution is found in your actions. 

8. It can help you see the bigger picture. 

Money gives you an insight into what really matters and what doesn’t. Money was something I believed in, but the world has changed and so does what it means. How you see the world and how you live your life will have an impact on what money can do. You can make or break your money. 

9. Understanding what it means to live.

There are Two Sides to Living:

existence and living. For the past five years, money has defined what I consider living. Living is about giving of myself. Living is about relationships and not transactions. Living means making others’ lives better. 

Living means having more time for thought and less worry about money. Living means doing work that brings you fulfillment and not just for the money. Living means having the freedom to do what you like, whenever you like, and how you prefer.

My 6 figure income helped me understand that money does not change your feelings or make you happier. It is you who decides what it does. Your perception of yourself and the world around you will determine what money can do to you. 

Imagine if your perception of money changed, and it became a way to see the world differently. You can make a difference in your life by using money to achieve a goal you never imagined.

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