9 Effective Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas to Help You Sell Your Home

If you are into the real estate business, you would have known the worth of video content by now. With video marketing in the real estate sector, you introduce the clients to the property better while driving more queries your way. Video marketing is not just for creating more queries but also for revealing your expertise, improving your visibility, and building trust amongst the clients. 

Video marketing additionally boosts sales while providing expected ROI. When it comes to video marketing for real estate, a lot can be done. You can create videos related to home virtual tours and neighbourhood tours while showcasing customer testimonials. Real estate videos can be posted on a wide variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even your company’s website.

Through this post, we will introduce you to the nine most effective real estate video marketing ideas to help you give your business a new way while improving on gains.

1. About me or agent videos

The agent or “about me” real estate video type is one of the topmost video types that businesses follow to make an impact by introducing themselves. When you reveal yourself, it gives an idea to the viewers about who you are and how authentic you are. With this video type, you can display your personality to the potential buyers while forging trust. You can create a video by including headshots showing your acumen and details like your contact number and address. 

2. Property listing video

Property listing videos are important while selling. When you create this type of video to sell your home, you need to pair videos with images to tell about the property, as videos are more justified than images. You can share these videos in your listing, social media sites or anywhere else where you are promoting the property. This is one of the real estate video ideas used when you want to show the highlights, amenities and surroundings of the property to impress the customers. 

3. Neighbourhood video

If you are looking for a focused selling point, consider creating a neighbourhood video! You can rank your property up in the list when you reveal about the neighbouring sites with such videos. In this kind of video, you can show where the property is located, what are the amenities, safety provisions, and whether the locality is clean and well kept or not. So, go on and add the information you might think can benefit you. 

4. Explainer video

With a real estate explainer video, you can reveal the property to the viewers. This video type includes the description of each feature of the house, such as the high points. When you create an explainer video, it helps generate new potential buyers while showcasing the in-depth details of the house.

5. Virtual tour

Virtual tour videos are a great tool to allow clients to see the house from their comfort. Besides, virtual tour videos give them an option to see a video as many times they want. With virtual tour videos, the client gets an opportunity to feel the vibe of the house anytime.

They can dig deeper into details and showcase the property to their family and friends to make better decisions. Such videos give them a full property view instead of highlighting only the attractive areas. You can record a virtual home tour easily with your cellphone while covering every aspect of the house and explaining different areas. 

6. Drone view video

Thank god for the technology that now you can show the top view of the property to the potential buyers. With the drone view video, you can give an aerial representation of the property to the potential viewers to have a better idea of the structure and space of the house. While creating a drone view video, you can shoot the neighbourhood and nearby area while displaying the lawn, backyard etc. 

What’s even better is that drone videography is no more expensive; you can hire any videographer at a reasonable price to get the job done and make a lasting impression on buyers of your property.

7. Live Q&A video session

Hosting live Q&A sessions related to their doubts and query is a great way to win over the viewers and increase the chances of property to be sole. Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook provide an option for live videoing to let the buyer and seller discuss the critical points. Also, live video sessions are unscripted, and therefore, they elevate the authenticity and credibility while offering a real-time experience. 

8. Local area spotlight video

Local area spotlight videos focus on the local area of the house. This video type lets you reveal the locality, premises, neighbouring residences and other amenities like hospitals, parks, schools, shopping arcades, etc. This is one of the most impactful real estate video ideas as people are usually also interested in knowing about the local areas and facilities. When people are aware that they will get all they need, it sparks their interest in buying the house you are selling. 

9. Beginners tips and tricks video

Nowadays, people rely on Google and YouTube sites to search for their queries. When it comes to beginners and the real estate world, things can be complicated as they are least aware of specific terms and rules. So, to make their life easier when buying a property, creating a video with vital tips and tricks can help them make a perfect choice for property. Such videos help educate and clarify their concerns and forge their inclination toward the property due to transparency and authenticity. 

How to make your real estate video look impressive?

You can follow the below-given tips to add an edge to every real estate video you make. 

  • Prepare in advance while deciding what you want out of your video.

Your video should be compelling so that the viewer knows what they want to do by the end of it. Therefore, add a CTA with your contact details so that if there is any potential lead, they know who to contact.

  • Follow a script to reveal confidence.

Having a well descriptive script always comes in handy. Therefore, make a script with all you want to say about the property. It also helps in showing that you are confident and aware of what you want to sell.

  • Use good equipment such as a high-quality camera and editing tools.

Using a good quality camera for recording and an editor to make your video look attractive is mandatory. When you have a well compiled and finished video, it makes a lasting impression on the viewers.

  • Keep your video short and crisp.

Stay away from lengthy and boring videos. Think about creating a short video covering all essential points to sell the property with ease.


Video marketing is progressing day by day due to the benefits it provides. While many people use this practice to sell their property quickly, some are still refraining. If you are looking forward to selling their house or property, it’s high time that you should start filming and expedite the sale of your property. 

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