8 Advantages of Choosing Cardboard Material for Packaging Boxes

Both retail and manufacturing industries find cardboard material as a very attractive option for creating packaging boxes. This material is cost effective and allows businesses to create innovative custom packaging solution in terms of branding and design.

Below we’ll discuss X most important features of the cardboard material that make it so popular in the packaging industry:

1- Improved Product Protection

Cardboard material has very protective properties due to its durable nature. Therefore, packaging boxes made from cardboard provide safety to goods and secures them during shipping.

This includes protection from damages caused due to shocks, stacking pressure, vibrations. Safety from dirt and dust, and moisture is also what cardboard boxes halt. The thick, durable nature of cardboard provides the packaging a tough outer shell, while product specific customizations ensure your products will fasten well with minimal jostling.

2- Helps Cutting Costs

Cardboard material ensure a cost-effective packaging boxes solution, the raw cardboard stock used to structure packaging boxes are generally not expensive. This leads to a much more budget-friendly way of getting your packaging boxes solution. While the major price hike will come from customizations and printing. Yet, on a whole, all this is highly affordable, particularly for brand that opt to create cardboard packaging in bulk.

Also, the light weighing of this material allows brands to bring down costs. It’s because even the thickest cardboard material type is comparatively less in weight. This way, shipping costs will stay reduced in comparison with shipping of other material types. Moreover, such light weight stock material is easy to handle and transport packages in finished form. This saves time, energy, and labor costs – adding more efficiency to your business.

cardboard boxes

3- Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Custom cardboard packaging tends to be environmentally friendly – it’s because the cardboard material is very sustainable in nature. This material has helped businesses to fulfill their responsibility towards reducing carbon footprint and improve efforts towards saving the environment.

Businesses are now shifting towards using corrugated cardboard material that comes from 55-90% post-consumer waste. They use this recycled material to create custom packaging boxes. This is also a big leap ahead when it comes to saving the environment. After these brands ship their packaging boxes made from recycled corrugated cardboard, these boxes are circulated for secondary use. This allows for even higher levels of sustainability.

4- Minimizes Waste Generation

You must be wondering how does cardboard material for packaging plays a role in minimizing waste. The rule is simple.

Consider: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This is how this material allows businesses and brands to avoid its unnecessary consumption.

5- Lasting Durability & Resistance

When cardboard packaging boxes have been recycled – the material does not lose durability or resistance, as a whole. After recycling, corrugated cardboard material does not lose quality or properties either. It’s also very much economical.

6- Highly Flexible Material

Many features of carboard material makes cardboard boxes more unique than any other packaging boxes. These boxes are very, very adaptable. They can easily be die-cut to any shape, size and closing style easily. Gluing, taping, stapling and stacking are also highly convenient to do that saves time and energy.

The features of this material and the packaging boxes made from it are endless. The fact that custom cardboard packaging boxes can be customized into a plethora of possibilities allows manufacturers to design unique packaging boxes. This way they can make perfect packaging solutions for their different types of products having different dimensions.

7- Packaging Availability

In addition to all the unique features and properties packaging boxes made from cardboard material. These boxes are readily available too. They can be made into a variety of designs, shapes and styles, and in varying amounts of thicknesses as per special requirements. Keeping in mind your product specification, cardboard material will let you get customized boxes to your unique needs.

8- A Lightweight Material

Custom packaging boxes made from cardboard stock material are much light in weight, and are a preferable choice in situations where the container’s weight is considered. It’s for products that are to be transported over long distances via shipping. For such purposes, the cardboard packaging boxes will be much more beneficial to any business.

Because these boxes made from cardboard do not weigh much. It’s a surety that their weight does not has an impact when they are placed on the scale for counting shipping costs. Whatever the thickness of the cardboard material may be when you design your packaging boxes. Weight still does not fluctuate too much. Also, the light weighing nature makes these boxes much easier to handle and transport from one place to another.

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